transition to outdoor

Hey everyone,

I just finished my indoor season (3 meets) I PR’d in the 55 meters (6.71) in my last meet. My training has been exclusively acceleration and max velocity training, with no runs over 60 meters. How should this change in preparation for the 100 meters this outdoor season. An example of a speed workout for me would look like this:

Accels: 3 x 20 m
3 x 30 m

Max V 5 x 20 m flys

         2 x 60 m w/ block start

I know I need to extend my speed endurance but that is one area I am unsure about training. To train for the longer race should I extend the fly in to 50-60 meters and try to hold max v as long as possible, or should I run 150-200’s just under max speed. Should I work on speed endurance after my regular speed work? How many times per week? Also, for speed endurance, do you want full recovery between runs?

One more thing, I understand the importance of tempo, but my lazy ass has yet to do a single tempo session. Maybe some motivation from you guys will help. Will I see an improvment in my times just from the better t fitness attained with the tempo training.

If speed endurance is in place what is a ballpark 100 meter time I can expect from my PR in the 55?

Thanks in advance.

You can work speed end one day per week also remember your races count towards speed end. all speed end work should have full recovery and the sprint range would be 80-150 for 1-4reps depending where you are in your training. At ur current ability level the tempo work is very important and you may get a bigger time drop from the tempo work. Based on your 55 time you can expect low 11’s.

I agree. Just to add a couple of things.

I would not extend the flyings to more than 30 m -you can extend the build-up distance though.

From what I understand from your plan so far, I would place distances of >150 m later on in the season -stick to 80 - 150 m for now, as tamfb says. Mind you, since you ask flyings OR 150 - 200 m drills, they are not the same thing. I would also add that I would not necessarily train them on the same day -personal preference.

Good luck!

Thanks alot you guys,

Should the speed endurance be at 100 % intensity? I know this has been covered else were but in what way is the tempo going to make me faster? I think I read that it improves the efficiency of the CNS, is that correct. My goal is to run sub 11 sometime in my life…I am 28 so the clock is probably ticking. Probably won’t happen this season, but who knows.

Thanks again.