Training Top Speed without running

I don’t have access to a track or a good amount of flat land( land near my house is a lot a hills, not enough space to do top speed in between them[30 m is the most flat land] and all this land is asphalt, and i already get shin splints easily)

The weakest part of my race in my opinion is my top speed. What training techniques should i use to increase top speed with out actually running at it?

Thank you

Maximal velocity is neuromuscular skill. If you can’t actually achieve it running wise you are in trouble.

You could potentially train components of it through plyos and bike work but it’s not really the same.

Why not just do short sprint work over 30m and then limit the amount of maximal runs you do to what your body can handle. You can probably get away with only 4 runs a week.

is it possible to do top speed training in 30m of area(asphalt), what about doing it on grass( about 40-50 meters of flat land space)?

what kind of things would you recommend for maxV work with this limited space

You don’t have access to a track and yet you’re running races? Where are the races held and why can’t you train there?

50m is enough distance to hit top speed, probably for about 10m, which is enough maybe not ideal though. This is assuming you can run off after 50m.

Something like up to 4x50m off 90-60s recovery at 95% would be adequate for developing speed endurance which is more important 'til you get into the low 10’s (<10.5) cos speed endurance will make up a greater percentage of you race.

Can you get a run-in to the flat zones so you are already up to some speed when you hit it? You could do flyin sprints in this way to develop max v if you are careful in the accel’ zone.

i am only in high school and cant get to the school’s track, outdoor track season just ended and i want to get better for next year

50 meters is fine for me to hit top speed( i only run 12.5 100 HT and 25.9 200 HT)
my question is isnt the grass going to not allow me to run as fast as if i were on a track? would i still be able to make improvements in top speed while running on such a soft surface?

for the 50m theres a fence on one side and a hill on the other

for the 30- 35m my garage is on one side and a the neighbors yard it the other(which is a hill,
pretty steep probably round 40 degrees)

i have access to a weight room, as far as plyos, i know vertical ones, such as depth jumps but what else?

are you male or female??

i am male (i need more letter to reach minimum)

my friend with ur times you should keep working on ur ability to acc, do you have any 30or 60m times?

i am aware i am not good, don’t hold back, it wont offend me, be brutally honest

my 30m hand timed from my first movement is 4.2/4.3

i think my relative top speed is my problem because i am always winning up to 50 or 60 meters and after about 20-30 meters people start catching up but then i can stay even for the lat 40 or 30 during speed endurance phase

i know you may think i have other problems but i would like to address my top speed not endurance or acceleration because personally i feel top speed is most important because a good top speed even with bad SE would still beat someone with a superior Se but a low top speed


splits for flying 50

poor speed good SE

1.1 /1.1 /1.1 /1.1/1.1 = 5.5

good speed poor SE
1/1.04/1.06/1.1/1.15 = 5.35