Train power & strength in one session?

CFTS and Weightlifters’ training (in general) use methods that train both (explosive/reactive) power and (limit) strength within the same training session.

As I understand, on the other hand others recommend sticking to one type of exercise or the other for one session (the types being power or strength) - Westside, other weightlifters (although using both types in one day), CT(see recent post in DB Hammer thread ).

There is an abundance of evidence of success with the first option, and success in powerlifitng at least with the second option. The claim for the second is that it produces faster results. What is the reasoning/evidence behind the second position? Westside derived their methods from Supertraining, so maybe it is in there. Can it apply for all sports?

This is interesting to me. I always get conflicting answers. People obviously have gotten results both ways as well as complexing the two. Maybe CT has some research to show why separating is superior to doing something like CAD. I wonder if there’s really much of a difference.

In supertraining, dr. siff says that the specific qualities trained in sports may be trained separately, but in competition are rarely separated.

“Supertraining, 3.2 Qualitative Characteristics of Strength, p.128
The diversity of the conditions under which muscles work in sport is responsible for the differences in motor activity, and consequently, the development of a specific strength capability. Categorisation of strength capabilities into four discrete types (absolute strength, speed-strength, explosive strength and strength endurance) can be somewhat restrictive, because all of them are interrelated in their production and development, despite their inherent specificity. They are rarely, if ever, displayed separately, but are the components of every movement.”

I think there’s room to train for power, Mx Strength, strength-power, etc. separately and together in one session, hence the concept of periodization.

It’s not power and strength that approach 2 is saying to separate it’s speed and strength. The reason for not training them togeter is because they are basically complete opposites.

Thanks for clearing that up. CFTS is still an example of speed and/or power with strength though.