Some quick times. Chris Brown looked awesome. Wariner and Merritt did too, thought Taylor looked like he had to work a bit more. Wariner shut it down ridiculously though-can’t imagine Michael Johnson would be that happy with that the way he talks about Asafa on BBC commentary. What is it with these guys shutting down so hard, they’re not coasting through, but braking! Thought Tim Benjamin may have looked a little better, but if it is his rhythm he lost with Colin then perhaps it will return as he progresses through the rounds.

It was posted elsewhere that when JW shut down(I’ve not seen this yet as we are clearly behind the rest of the world in timely t.v. coverage in the U.S.)or perhaps before(?) he began to look around and came very close to running on the inside lane line.

Anyone see this?

How can anyone at the world’s level manage to achieve the following reaction time;

Heat 2

8 3 1001 Abdulla Mohamed Hussein SOM 50.54 (PB) 0.404

Yep, the gun! Should I start running? Coach? Oh, yes! 0.404 sec. later…go!