Top Therapists in/near Columbus OH

i already checked the A.R.T. website provider search and saw a few guys near the area, but does anyone know of any top therapists within an hour driving distance of columbus ohio who offer deep tissue massage or ART. i popped my hamstring (2-4 inches below glute & more towards the outside of muscle). i play arena football & popped it this past tuesday (3/21) on about the 3rd step of accelleration out of a DB’s stance. no swelling, no bruising, but definitely painful. i would like to be back on the field by saturday 4/1.

thanks for any help

If you’re willing to come back to Pittsburgh (a bit further than 1 hour), you can work with Asafa’s guy… (also worked on Brian Clay all last year, Sanya, and plenty of others).

Shoot me a PM and I can give you the info–he is coming back from Australia this week (monday) and will be able to do some work later this week.

bill is my therapist, as i am from pittsburgh, i just wanted to get at least one or two sessions of therapy in before he gets back from austrailia on thursday.
thanks though