Times for Divisions

So… I used to search tool and I couldn’t find anything.

What do the 100/200 meter times have to be in order to get into a Division 1, 2, 3 school.


To get into? Or be competitive? D3 doesn’t even give athletic scholarships, so there is no time there. If you run 11.0fat consistently in d3 you will do decent in a lot of meets, but you need to run 10.5-10.6 to be competitive at the national level (though it takes more than that usually to win).

Getting onto a D1/2 team depends on the school, region, your academic status, etc. Getting a scholarship is obviously even more competitive.

I was thinking both, getting into and competing. Idk why I asked for D3 cause I know its nothing. So for D1/2 you need a good 10.5 just to get in. How about to win?

May 26, 2007

Flash Results, Inc.
NCAA Div II Outdoor Track & Field
Johnson C. Smith University - Charlotte, NC - 5/24/2007 to 5/26/2007

Event 23 Men 100 Meter Dash

Meet Record: # 10.0h 5/26/1972 Steve Reddick, Norfolk State
Name Year School Finals Wind Points

1 Kendall Stevens Sr St Augustine’s 10.31 -0.8 10
2 Philippe DeRosier Sr St Augustine’s 10.43 -0.8 8
3 Marquis Horn Sr Morehouse 10.45 -0.8 6
4 Calvin Graham Fr Tarleton State 10.48 -0.8 5
5 Rodney Coley Jr Albany State 10.51 -0.8 4
6 Sylvester Williamson Jr Abilene Christian 10.54 -0.8 3 [10.532]
7 Xavier Hair Jr Fort Valley State 10.54 -0.8 2 [10.533]
8 Sharif Nash So St Augustine’s 10.56 -0.8 1

NCAA Div. III Outdoor Results from 2007

Wind = -0.7 m/s
1 Willie Hordge, Jr, Buffalo State 10.56
2 Amaan Siddeeq, Jr, Cortland S U N Y 10.66
3 Orlando Walton, So, University of Dubuque 10.68
4 Marcus Walgrave, Sr, Wisconsin La Crosse 10.74
5 Eddie Bynum, Jr, Salem State College 10.81
6 Delannie Spriggs, Fr, Salisbury University 10.88
7 Hanneus Ollison, So, McMurry University 10.90
8 Kyle Percival, Jr, Alma College 10.92
9 Segun Olopo, Jr, Illinois Wesleyan 11.05

*The winner Hordge ran 10.40 in the heats as well.

2007 Men’s 100 Meters NAIA Outdoor National Championships

Men 100 Meter Dash

   World: W  9.77  6/14/2005   Asafa Powell, JAM                           
American: U  9.79  6/16/1999   Maurice Greene, Nike                        

Collegiate: C 9.92 1996 Ato Boldon, UCLA
NAIA Champs.: N 10.05 1992 Davidson Ezinwa, Azusa Pacafic, CA
2006 Champ.: 6 10.20 5/27/2006 Yhann Plummer, SUNO
FPU Track: F 10.20 5/27/2006 Yhann Plummer, SUNO
Name Year School Prelims

Section 1 Finals Wind: 1.7
1 Mike Rodgers SR Oklahoma Baptist 10.21 10
2 Orion Nicely JR McKendree 10.34 8
3 Jamal Forbes FR Dickinson 10.42 6
4 William Collins FR Huston-Tillotson 10.61 5
5 D’Antagnan Dai’ne FR Doane 10.64 4
6 Tal Mor SR Azusa Pacific 10.66 3
7 Tommy Gayfield SO Missouri Valley 10.70 2
8 Pat Small JR Virginia Int 11.36 1


Just posted those results to give you an indicator of what it looks like at the national scene for DII, NAIA, and DIII. I think you’re aware of DI is very competitive with guys running sub 10/20 at the national and even regional level.

It all depends on the school and the event. There are d3 schools that can match up with decent d1 schools and give them a run for their money in certain events.

Every division has junk schools that pretty much anyone can get into and compete even at d1. Every division also has powerhouses obviously the d1 powerhouses are going to be a lot harder than the rest.

It is not hard to compete at schools 90% of schools will let just about anyone compete.

yeah the conditions for the meet were awful. Besides the headwind, you have cold temps and rain for most of the meet, so the times do not really reflect the quality of competition for the season.

umm just look at the results. You want to win nationals at the D1 level you cannot run anything but 10.0x pretty much, even if the conditions aren’t the best. D2 seems to vary a bit more. Of course, as pope said, you can get in and/or run at almost any place, but is there a point in going out and running 11.2 if somebody is going to beat you by 1 second in your heat? Kind of degrading and not conducive to running your best. Getting $$ is also a completely different situation.

Yea soaking rain is fun. The winner ran 10.40 with minimum effort the day prior.

Thanks everybody for the info. What do you mean by “Getting $$ is a completely different situation.” R u talking about prize money or getting in?

I think he may have meant scholarship money.

Scholarship money… I don’t know what you keep talking about by saying “getting in”

He means getting accepted to run for them, and getting money to do it (which is illegal unless its a scholarship or something). Scouting perhaps?

Either way as you can see the D3 schools themselves have a lot of competition as it is. D1 is the best there is and thus they will be the best…unless your always ahead of your competition then the chance of even getting into a D3 team is low let alone winning.

Not sure about that, there are a lot of teams with not so good runners (depends on what you consider good, average, great, etc too). Just because you aren’t National Caliber for D1A doesn’t mean you can’t run for the school. When I ran JC track a year back, we’d race Cal and other D1 schools all the time. But they were the “B” squad guys I’m guessing because their 4x4 was about 3:20-3:19 and there were JC teams faster than that.

He can make the team anywhere I think as long as he has decent speed and is willing to work and be consistent.

Because I know that getting scholarships for D1 schools is very competitive, if times are fast, one can quite “easily” get a (even full) scholarship at a “junk” D1 school and although the team will probably be doing poorly at meets as a whole, as an individual, you get a chance to compete against good D1 schools all the time…
Of course poor coaching could be a problem, but that is not always the case.


Stefanie I would say you are pretty close to the mark with that one. I woudl still caution that the athlete should look at the competition though even at D1. I know the conference a school by my home town is in at D1 isnt much better or better at all than D3 conferences.
Conference championship results:http://www.northeastconference.org/Sports/moutdoor/2007/moutdoorfull.asp

Also if the team is getting scholarships and still cant get any good athletes I usually take it as a lack of trying or caring by the coach. If you are getting d3 schools out recruting a team that gets 12 scholarships the coach probably isnt going all out trying to get athletes.

In my opinion you would be surpised how little effort it would actually take to field a stellar team in any division in the US because so few coaches actively recruit at the small school level.

Good points. I wasn’t aware of D1 conferences performing at such mediocre level as a whole.

I am aware of very competitive D3 schools, and it is also useful to mention that when a good recruiting D3 coach really wants good athletes, there is a way to work out some sort of an “academic scholarship” to attract the athlete, and technically he/she doesn’t receive any athletic grants, which are officially not allowed in D3 but gets the financial benefit from elsewhere. This of course works best with very good students who are worthy of an academic scholarship. The coach just helps to “push” the process and makes sure the athlete receives what is necessary to be able to attend the school from a financial point of view (and hence embellish the team).

Unfortunately most good sprinters aren’t geniuses :slight_smile: