Thor's problem

Dear forum
As one who has only ever gotten access to spikes and a real track for the last four weeks, i have encountered the following problem ,which does not occur when running on other surfaces -
When my right foot are extended and about to leave ground the hip and the knee on the same side rotates inwards(as if the spikes are stuck in the ground). This causes the upper body to counteract throwing me off rythm and relaxation.
However when running barefoot this does not happen ,only ever when using spikes.
The only thing i can think of causing this is the fact that i supinate(yes i’m bowlegged!) and especially so with my right foot.
What could be the cause of this?
Answers are greatly aprecciated!

Why do i keep getting stuck in the track when using spikes? it’s a nightmare!

Even when doing frequency drills the right foot gets stuck. Footplant is turning into a forebrain activity.

What size of spikes are you using. The spikes themselves and not your shoe size.:smiley:

im using six millimeter pyramid shaped ones and the shoes are Nike Superflys.