Thirst for Protein

For how long should i take extra protein after a hard work ?

As soon as possible.

currently i am using the following post workout protical, although ask me friday it could be totally different…lol

right after

70gms carbs (dextrose)
25gms pro (whey iso)
8 gms of cre
10 glut
5 taurine (not sure why, it was in the shrink wrap)

then 30 minutes later
1 met rx mrp (38p/18c/3f i think)

then 60 minutes after the met rx
rice (dont know how much, a bed of orghanice brown long grain) and eggs (6 whites/2 whole)

then the next meal is 90mins-2hrs after that, usually another met rx and some sold clean carbs (rice, oats, veggies, apple etc)

off topic a touch, but check this, in a thread somewhere i told you to try different things, even if it flys in the face of all you think is right and traditional…

bedtime routine: if my bedtime is 10pm (late night haha) at 9:30 i will have 40 gms of dextrose, 10gms of glut, 5gm taurine with 6 gms of cre…ya thats right, i said it, then at 10pm efas and 1 1/4 cottage cheese.

do you like apples?

Damn !! My question for you is:
How many days of hard workout do you have in your taper ? :eek:

I´m taking about 3 to 5g of creatine about 30 minutes before work, then right after work, regular aminoacids, then about 30 minutes after a protein shake + 1 banana then about 2 hours after work my first real meal of the day which is my lunch at 4pm ( lot of rice + bean + somekind of meat ), then 2 hours later another Protein Shake, then 1,5h later, dinner ( tunna + bread or salad ) then finaly, right before bed which is 10pm 2 tablespoons of Regular Aminoacids.
But my question is more about the day after, or those low intense days following a hard day, so, we still needing extra protein these days ? or the “wall” is already in place ?

my protein intake will not vary too too much based on training intensity. its pretty high around the clock. even back when i was a triathlete i was eating 30-45gms every 3 hrs.

now that im a strength (and i use these terms loosely) and power athlete, i have tightened the timeline (meaning eating my meals closer together in the post workout window) but my protein per meal (40-50) is about the same.

i increase frequency rather than intensity (to steal terms from the other forums) and therefore increased total volume (total daily intake of protein).

Have you ever heard about this:
–we only can afford around 30g of protein per meal ? Does anyone knows if its true ?
I know that MO use to take diary 5 shakes of protein and 2 complete meals, so, it´s 7 portion of protein.

BSL watermelon whey and bulk cottage cheese and grow. How can you not afford it?

clemson…i cant speak for flying but i think he may have ment absorb rather than afford. being from brasil (mmm brahma beer) there may be an language issue…flying i appoligize for speaking on your behalf if thats not what you ment.

if it is, thats an old school nutritional myth that we can only absorb 30gms of protein per meal.

Tell me more bout this BSL Watermelon.

Uuhh man, you´re realy a nightmare dont´ya?! :slight_smile:
But i´m glad to see that our beers are flying out to other americas !! :smiley: Glup glup !!