The Best of...

After browsing around numerous forums, I’ve noticed one thing in common. Many of them contain countless threads asking which foods to eat for training, daily life, etc. Therefore I’ve decided that a thread like this should be created and dedicated to providing a list of what the best/most popular foods are among athletes and other people. Feel free to add to the list that I have started and provide any sidenotes that would educated the nutrition newbies and help veterans discover alternatives. The goal here is to provide people with a list that they can use to create a meal plan of their own.

Best Cereal
Kashi Go-Lean
All Bran
Fibre One

Best Fruit

Best Vegetables
Bell Peppers
Yams and Sweet Potatoes
I cant believe I forgot these!
I’m not sure which category to put this in - Lentils!!

Best Source of Protein/MEAT
Turkey Breasts(skinless)
Chicken Breasts(skinless)
Canned low-sodium tuna
Salmon fillets
Beef tenderloins
Orange roughy

Best Dairy
Skim or 1% Cottage cheese
Skim or 1% milk
lowfat yogurt

Best Nutsraw or DRY-roasted
Almonds(and almond butter)

Best source of Fibre
Wholegrain or 100% wholewheat bread
Whole wheat pasta(penne, spaghetti, the works)
Brown or wild rice(non-processed)
Rye bread
Pumpernickel bread

Best Oils
Olive oil
Extra vigrin olive oil
Coconut oil(moderate amounts)
Vegetable oil
Flaxseed oil
Fish oil(omega-3s)

Great Job! But I disagree with,

Best Fruit Category!

I believe for weight loss eating grapes along with the seeds is the best fruit for that application!

Awesome list, the only thing I would add is oatmeal for breakfast. But, I think you added that in another category later on.

I´m very curious about something regards nutrition and elite sprinters.
So, how many of you knows something about the nutritional habits from elite sprinters ?
Does any of you believe they worry about this ? I´m not sure, i know you can´t eat everything but i believe nutrition is the last with they worry about.

I’ve come to understand that nutrition is your key to making gains or geting faster. I don’t really think that elite sprinters would find themselves munching cheese pizzas often. Although some still do, those that truly strive for excellence would put all their effort into the smallest details. I would assume that most top sprinters feed themselves like bodybuilders but with more carbs.

Of course, then you have people like Jeremy Wariner, who admitted to having eaten McDonalds rather often in the Athens Olympic Village, most notably prior to his gold medal run.

Yeah i agree with you on this, it´s something like: You don´t need to cut-off everything before you reach that level but once you get there, you´ll search for any details as you said.

Here are some great recipes that you can try. All of the ingredients except a few, are all in my list.

Tuna burrito
Ingredients: 1 can low-sodium tuna, 2 10-inch wholewheat tortilla, 1 cup of chopped onions, 4 mushrooms sliced, 1 red bell pepper sliced, 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 tbsp olive oil, tsp red pepper flakes, tsp parsley flakes, 4 slices of sweet pickle, 2 slice of swiss cheese and salt/pepper to taste.

1)Put aside the spinach and tortilla.
Throw every other ingredients into a hot fry pan. Saute for 4-5 minutes or until vegetables are tender and tuna is warm. Add pepper and salt to taste. Split contents into two warm tortillas. cut swiss slices in half put 2 halves on each toritlla. Throw 2 slices of pickles on each. Don’t forget to throw in the spinach! Wrap and enjoy.

Serves 2.
*Note- have broccoli on the side and throw in some black beans in the tuna mix if you want to kick up your fibre and protein.

Approximately 400 calories per burrito…i think.

Helluva Snack
1 cup all-bran cereal
handful of almonds
handful of raisins or dried apricots.
tsp cinnamon

Throw everything in a bag. Shake around and enjoy. Great snack with a kick of fibre and healthy fats.

More to come!

I´m very curious about something regards nutrition and elite sprinters.

there is no way anyone in the know will ever tell you that…its probably the most obscure secret of all. I mean, we know about ben’s training prety much everything and very little about his diet.

the thing is though, that elite athletes are exceptional individuals, acording to charlie ben had a metabolism so fast that he rarely got a hungover from drinking.

They most likely eat ALOT, fairly clean, but their body composition is genetics and then diet, they would look like that regardless of training (well you know what i mean)

I found an article that detailed Mo’s diet. It looked like crap to me. Mostly protein shakes, little whole food. Also I think the reason Charlie doesn’t comment much on Ben’s diet is because it’s of little consequence compared to the training. I would bet any of the obsessive compulsive physique geeks would have a much better diet than Ben.
TRAINING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, not waking up in the middle of the night to have a protein shake, or having the best post-workout drink.

I agree with you there. However, you must acknowledge the fact that you can’t neglect one aspect and expect to get far. You can train well, but you won’t do much unless you eat well, sleep well, and do everything else well.
Life is a matter of balance.