hey guys i was chating with tom green the other day and he brought to my attention that asafa powell is in great position to demolish the 100m record. already this year he has been under 9.9 twice (i believe 3 if u count one wind aided) so wut do u guys think there is a good chance that the record will fall this year.

You do relize about an hour ago he broke it with a 9.77?

I saw the video of the 9.84 in Ostrava in cold and wet conditions and this was inevitable after that.

Can he continue to run this fast through Worlds and not suffer an injury? I remember Tim and Mo saying how hard it is on the body to run that fast. Shit, he has done it 3 times this year and it’s only mid June.

You’re a bit late on this brother! LOL

I tell u what tho…can you tell me what the 6 balls are gonna be on our national lottery? I’ll give some cash if I win :wink:

edit… i uploaded wrong video… i will re edit this later with the correct video :smiley:

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where is it?

yeah, well whatever, im just braging but i saw the live thing. My oh my, all that POWER

the man did 9.98 practicaly striding the last 15 meters…shiiiiieeeet

but the live thing is unbelievable

May I ask what happened him during the olympics? I saw him run all year and he was outstanding and I ended up putting £20 on him to win the 100m. I got reasonable odds considering they had him joint favourite at the time as there were numerous contenders last year. Was it burnout? I thought he was clearly ahead of the pack, Gatlin, Greene were smoked in the months leading up to it.

Anyone know anything about his training? Is it similar to CFTS?

That will be interesting to see. It’s so early I almost feel he can break it again if he stays healthy.

i would not be surprised by this at all.

Powell is 21 years old, if he’s going to break the record again he’s going to want to do it in small increments - “slice it thin” so to speak. If he’s going to get a bonus every time he sets the record, he’ll want to make sure he does it more than once.

“Slicing it thin” may work in pole vaulting and high jump but not in the 100m.

Agree. In the jumps you get to set the bar ad no matter what you clear it by, the mark is the height of the bar- not so in the sprints- and the lesson of the might-have-been issue of Ben in Seoul should not be lost.

Off thread, but Powells performance reminded me immediately of this discussion:

Off topic,

but at 1am last night in england on bbc2 i saw you in a ben johnson documentry all about his and carl lewis’s rivelry and teh steroid cover up and how somethign like 4-5 sprinters in seoul were on steroids.

I was thinking the same thing.

So it seems to be Log-to-Short. Anybody got more details on his training? Thks

He could be (and probably are) doing acceleration runs early in GPP - more of an approach from both ends.

One mans GPP is another mans SPP.

I would be very interested to see the 90 meter times of BJ, Greene, Montgomery and Powell in their WR races, what with Ben slowing so much in the '88 race. Anyone have this information?