Tempo training with no running

I been pondering this question, for awhile.

I know you can perform tempo work either running or swimming.

DCW mentions that bike riding isn’t very good for sprinters.

I for one find it difficult to recover from tempo running, not because it is too hard, just my body aches especially joints.

Is it possible or has anybody tried rollerblading or other equipment for tempo. Would this be beneficial to try?

I’d stick with the pool. There’s no joint stress, you can replicate the movement patterns, and you can get alot of work done in a short time.

So how does one do tempo in the pool that replicates the movement patterns of running? Do you “run” from the shallow to the deep part? At some point, you start to lose contact with the bottom of the pool!

Or do you use one of those flotation belts and just cycle your legs through?


As you mentioned you can stay in the deep end with a water belt on and either cycle through, or you can add some resistance by tying some rubber tubing to the edge to the belt.

You can run “on the spot” at shoulder depth. the guideline is to watch the intensity. there is a very fine line, where the intensity rises to the point that it can interfere with sprint work.

Thanks, dlive and Charlie but that was my next question. If you are running in the water or even on one spot in the pool, how to you judge intensity?

When I run tempo on the field, I have a tendency to want to run too fast (it feels <i>good</i> to run fast!) But I can use a stopwatch to make sure I’m metering my runs. In the pool I would not have this type of feedback to help me out. Any ideas?


PS. As you can tell by my sudden interest in this subject, the weather in my area is going from bad to worse. We are looking at another 6 - 12" of snow tonight and I don’t know when I’m going to see the beautiful sight of a clear track again.

I have the intensity problem in the pool. I usually end up being helped out because I can’t use my legs.

X I’m complaining today, 13degrees celsuis and raining on last day of summer after having 10 days of decent weather.


Sorry, but no sympathy from me. I would be happy to run in a bit of rain…try slogging through a foot of snow! :slight_smile:


I didn’t expect any. Rain is pretty minor compared to snow.