Tactics: What is it really?

Skill, technique, tactics, individual tactics, group tactics, defencive tactics, offensive tactics, tactical drills/acquisition… these are all terms that don’t have crisp definition and they are rather fuzzy, interdependent and interconnected.

I would love to hear other’s definitions of the mentioned terms.

When it comes to technical/tactical training the terms are not so clear.

I would love to deal here with the:

  • definitions of the skill, technique and tactics, strategy…

  • the methods of assessing/evaluating them

  • the methods of developing them

  • the concept of contextual learning

Let’s clear this mess… :rolleyes:

Highly suggested books - “Sport Skill Instruction for coaches” by Craig Wrisberg (Human Kinetics, 2007) and “Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens (Human Kinetics) [this one I haven’t read yet].

I noticed this old thread and wanted to put my current thoughts in it.

Tactical skills
• Reffers to kinds of decision making that enable athlete to gain an advantage over their opponent
• Involves the decision making aspects of the competitive situation
• Skill that enables athletes to gain an advantage in competition
• Tactical skills are decision making skills that enables athletes to gain an advantage over a competitive situation based on tactical knowledge (factors that influece quality of decision making: cues/communication/anticipation, rules, tactical principles, team strategy and plan, own strength and weakensess along with opponent’s, variable factors)