T&T Champs -20June04- Boldon and Fana Ashby win 100m, Darrel Brown injured.

:confused: Boldon and Ashby in form over 100m

Sunday 20 June 2004
Ato Boldon and Fana Ashby were on fire at the Hasely Crawford Stadium bolting to impressive 100 metres victories on day one of the Sagicor Trinidad and Tobago Championships yesterday

Boldon signalled his return to form with an impressive 10.09 dash, into a 0.6 metres per second headwind. The news, though, was not all good as injuries resulted for many of the competitors. Boldon injured his left quadriceps, third placed Marc Burns aggravated his back injury, and World Championship silver medallist Darrel Brown sustained an injury to his right hip – and finished eighth - and Ruben Isaac did some damage to his calf muscles.

Fana Ashby wins the women’s 100m at the Trinidad and Tobago nationals
(R. Taylor - Trinidad Express)

With the Olympics less than two months away, four of Trinidad and Tobago’s top sprinters laying on the Mondo track, in pain, a horrific sight for the 7000-plus spectators.

But injury apart, the race was a huge success for Boldon. The quadruple Olympic medallist got a near perfect start, and at the halfway stage, was in full control. Brown surged in mid-race but in his effort to make up ground on the leader, the 19-year-old sprint phenomenon hurt his hip, and hobbled across the line in eighth spot, in 10.75.

Fifteen metres from home, Boldon, too, was slowed by injury.

“From the gun I knew that was sub-10, but after 50 metres, I started to get a lot of pressure in the quad. And then, towards the end, it cramped violently. But this is drag racing, and that’s what happens.”

Nicconnor Alexander emerged from the tumultuous final unscathed. He finished second in 10.19, equalling his PB and bettering the Olympic “A” qualifying standard by two-hundredths of a second. In spite of his back injury, Burns bagged bronze, in 10.25.

Ashby takes women’s dash in national record

Ashby dominated her rivals in the women’s dash. Running into a strong 2.2 metres per second headwind, the 23-year-old sprinter blazed to victory in 11.03 seconds, a new national record. Her clocking was a full nine-hundredths of a second faster than the 11.12 T&T standard she had established in the semi-final round.

Cydonie Mothersill (11.15) of the Cayman Islands was second in the final, while Ashby’s T&T teammate Ayanna Hutchinson finished third in 11.20, one-tenth of a second faster than the 11.30 Olympic “A” standard.

Wanda Hutson, fourth in the championship race in 11.40, had qualified with an 11.38 clocking, a new national junior record.

Kwame Laurence (Trinidad Express) for the IAAF


Men’s 100m (wind: -0.6 metres per second)
1 Ato Boldon (Memphis) 10.09 seconds
2 Nicconnor Alexander (Petrotrin) 10.19
3 Marc Burns (Rebirth) 10.25

Women’s 100m (wind: -2.2 m/s)
1 Fana Ashby (Concorde) 11.03
2 Cydonie Mothersill (Cayman Islands) 11.15
3 Ayanna Hutchinson (Phoenix) 11.20

Men’s 400m
1 Ato Modibo (Simplex) 45.72
2 Damion Barry (Tigers) 45.75
3 Renny Quow (Zenith) 46.60

Women’s 400m
1 Nickeisha Charles (Phoenix) 53.18
2 Abigail David (Memphis) 53.94
3 Josanne Lucas (Tobago Falcons) 54.14

Men’s 1500m
1 Jules LaRode (Palo Seco) 4:02.35
2 Owen Sobers (Tobago Falcons) 4:02.96
3 Denzil Ramirez (Defence Force) 4:04.50

Women’s 1500m
1 Pilar McShine (Success & Excellence) 4:41.18
2 Samantha Shukla (Success & Excellence) 5:03.80
3 Kema McShine (Success & Excellence) 5:07.05

Men’s 110 m hurdles (wind: -0.8 m/s)
1 Karriem Pierre (Eagles) 14.12
2 Patrick Russell (Unattached) 14.76
3 Adoniss Jones (Toco) 14.90

Women’s 100m Hurdles (wind: -1.8 m/s)
1 Alicia Cave (Eagles) 13.79
2 Cuquie Melville (Zenith) 14.97
3 Natoya Baird (Zenith) 15.46

Men’s High Jump
1 Kevin Huggins (QRC) 2.05 metres
2 Peter Springer (Palo Seco) 1.85m

Men’s Long Jump
1 LeJuan Simon (Memphis) 8.04m (wind: +2.6 m/s)
2 Amichi Goodridge (Air Bon Sonics) 7.14m (wind: +2.2 m/s)
3 Mikel Courtney (Toco) 7.08m (wind: +1.2 m/s)

Women’s Long Jump
1 Jessica DeFreitas (Guyana) 6.09m (wind: +2.0 m/s)
2 Rhonda Watkins (Bishop Anstey) 6.00m (wind: +1.1 m/s)
3 Sheron Mark (QRC) 5.71m (wind: +3.0 m/s)

Men’s Shot put
1 Dave Stoute (Simplex) 16.99m
2 Basil Andrews (Palo Seco) 13.23m

Women’s Javelin
1 Natalie Dixon (Neon Trackers) 40.10m
2 Kwema Phillander (Palo Seco) 36.89m
3 Venice Frederick (Success & Excellence) 30.25m


Borel throws 18 metres – last day Trinidad Champs

Monday 21 June 2004

Cleopatra Borel was dominant in the women’s Shot Put, on day two of the Sagicor Trinidad and Tobago Championships, yesterday.

The 2003 CAC (Central American and Caribbean) Senior Championship silver medallist threw the iron ball 18.38 metres to earn top honours, ahead of Candice Scott (16.49m) and Annie Alexander (14.65m).

Afterwards, Borel said she was satisfied with her performance.

“I’m happy I can get to 18 metres on a fairly consistent basis.”

Teenager Marcus Duncan whipped the men, yesterday. The 17-year-old sprinter clocked 20.91 seconds to claim top honours in the 200 metres final, finishing ahead of Julieon Raeburn (21.06) and 2003 champion Jacey Harper (21.13).

Cayman Islands sprinter Cydonie Mothersill, the women’s 100m silver medallist, claimed gold in the 200m in 22.92 seconds. Wanda Hutson seized silver in 23.65, while Daniella Vega (24.02) bagged bronze.

Fana Ashby, who beat Mothersill to the line in Saturday’s 100m dash, did not face the starter in the 200m. Ashby, though, was still very much in the news. Her 11.03 clocking in the 100m championship race will not be recognised as the new national record. Instead, the 11.12 run she produced in the semi-final round will remain as the Trinidad and Tobago standard.

Track referee Nadine Hamid explained, yesterday, that the -2.2 metres per second wind reading on the official results was, in fact, an error.

“A technical problem with the communications equipment led to the incorrect reading. The wind reading was actually +2.2,” just above the allowable limit of 2.0 metres per second.

As a result, the 11.20 run produced by bronze medallist Ayanna Hutchinson will not earn her qualification for the Olympics.

Texas-born LeJuan Simon was handicapped by a heel injury, and had to settle for second spot in the men’s Triple Jump, with a wind-assisted 13.58m effort.

With Ato Boldon, Darrel Brown and Marc Burns injured, no T&T team was fielded in the men’s 4x100m relay. Fortunately, all three are expected to be fit enough to fulfill their pre-Olympic commitments, in Europe. In the absence of a T&T team, Simplex won the men’s sprint relay, in 41.89 seconds.

A T&T quartet, Keenan Gibson, Ashby, Kimberly Walker and Hutchinson, clocked 44.07 seconds to triumph in the women’s 4x100m. A T&T junior team, Jurlene Francis, Hutson, Monique Cabral and Kelly-Ann Baptiste, finished second in 44.44, a new national junior record.

Day Two Results

Men’s 200m (wind: +1.8 metres per second)
1 Marcus Duncan (Silver Bullet) 20.91 seconds
2 Julieon Raeburn (Phoenix) 21.06
3 Jacey Harper (Rebirth) 21.13

Women’s 200m (wind: -0.8 m/s)
1 Cydonie Mothersill (Cayman Islands) 22.92
2 Wanda Hutson (Memphis) 23.65
3 Daniella Vega (Simplex) 24.02

Men’s 800m
1 Sherridan Kirk (Zenith) 1:50.75
2 Simeon Bovell (Simplex) 1:50.76
3 Ezra Richards (Eagles) 1:51.14

Women’s 800m
1 Melissa DeLeon (Phoenix) 2:03.93
2 Aisha Hume (Petrotrin) 2:11.87
3 Denelle DeVerteuil (Phoenix) 2:13.90

Women’s 3000m
1 Pilar McShine (Success & Excellence) 11:07.76
2 Samantha Shukla (Success & Excellence) 11:19.83
3 Paula Jones (Memphis) 11:41.58

Men’s 5000m
1 Richard Jones (Unattached) 15:40.81
2 Denzil Ramirez (Defence Force) 15:41.41
3 Curtis Cox 15:55.66

Men’s 400m hurdles
1 Sancheze Ross (Eagles) 52.06
2 Steve Gittens (Memphis) 53.03
3 Kwesi Toney (Zenith) 53.94

Women’s 400m hurdles
1 Patrina Allen (Jamaica) 56.57
2 Josanne Lucas (Tobago Falcons) 59.42
3 Crystal Skeete (Zenith) 1:03.21

Women’s high jump
1 Marissa Uzoary (United States) 1.78 metres
2 Rhonda Watkins (Bishop Anstey) 1.70m
3 Natoya Baird (Zenith) 1.60m
3 Caleigh Bacchus (Bishop Anstey) 1.60m

Men’s pole vault
1 Peter Springer (Palo Seco) 2.70m

Men’s triple jump
1 Mikel Courtney (Toco) 13.83m (wind: 0.0 m/s)
2 LeJuan Simon (Memphis) 13.58m (wind: +2.1 m/s)
3 Ishmael O’Garro (Unattached) 13.11m (wind: +2.4 m/s)

Women’s triple jump
1 Sheron Mark (QRC) 12.01m (wind: -1.5 m/s)
2 Tricia McLetchie (Unattached) 10.25m (wind: 0.0 m/s)

Women’s shot put
1 Cleopatra Borel (Eagles) 18.38m
2 Candice Scott (George Clarke Striders) 16.49m
3 Annie Alexander (Burnley) 14.65m

Men’s discus
1 Basil Andrews (Palo Seco) 38.62m
2 Patrick Russell (Unattached) 37.85m
3 Wade Franklyn (Zenith) 36.16m

Women’s discus
1 Annie Alexander (Burnley) 36.42m
2 Jodie Sutherland (Burnley) 31.71m
3 Loktoya McShine (Success & Excellence) 31.15m

Men’s 4x100m
1 Simplex 41.89
2 Concorde 42.01
3 Silver Bullet 42.47

Women’s 4x100m
1 Trinidad & Tobago (Keenan Gibson, Fana Ashby, Kimberly Walker, Ayanna Hutchinson) 44.07
2 Trinidad & Tobago juniors (Jurlene Francis, Wanda Hutson, Monique Cabral, Kelly-Ann Baptiste)44.44 National Junior Record

Men’s 4x400m
1 Trinidad & Tobago (Damion Barry, Simon Pierre, Sherridan Kirk, Ato Modibo) 3:05.49
2 Trinidad & Tobago juniors (Damon Douglas, Jamil James, Deverne Charles, Renny Quow) 3:12.02
3 Zenith 3:21.40

Women’s 4x400m
1 Trinidad & Tobago (Josanne Lucas, Melissa DeLeon, Abigail David, Nickeisha Charles) 3:32.80
2 Trinidad & Tobago (Shade St Louis, Denelle DeVerteuil, Crystal Skeete, Britney St Louis) 3:43.33

Kwame Laurence (Trinidad Express) for the IAAF