T-Nation and Charlie Francis

I see there is a debate begun on T-Nation on whether or not to ask/bring Charlie back for a few articles …

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Forums/Strength Sports/Vern Gambetta Attacks Charlie Francis/ …

I don’t know about everyone else but I really enjoyed the honesty of the Charlie/T-Nation articles.

Vern Gambetta attacks everyone. He’s great at telling people what shouldn’t be done.

Can someone point to some of Gambetta’s training info (that is available for free)?

Its sad that Vern has to attack others in a vain attempt to advance himself.

What is the world coming to already?

I wish Vern well during his troubled times.


Those were great articles-still read them every now and then. Maybe we’ll see some more one day.

You’ll problably start seeing said articles right here, that would be my hunch.


Excellent idea

He had better be careful as if my memory serves me right some of the content in those articles would get him banned :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Alot of the T-Nation content that Charlie posted was driven by history, going forward…expect to see some amazing forward thinking here at CharlieFrancis.com.


well then get on with it already:P

Great things take time…


What else would Vern Gambetta do with his free time? He doesn’t know how to train anyone to world class results. He couldn’t train Mike Tyson in an ear biting contest with Prince Charles.

He falls back on “Functional” training as his area of expertise. What else would we be doing - “Dysfunctional” training?

My favourite VG story is a basketball coach I work with telling me that Vern was in Canada telling everyone he was the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Chicago Bulls and the reason behind their success. Needless to say, don’t mention Vern’s name around Al Vermeil. That pretty much says it all. He has ambition well beyond his ability.

Ouch!!~That Vern sure is a major nutjob.


I believe he was an assistant to Vermeil for one year, correct? I think it was in 1987, years before they won their first championship yet he has no problem attaching his name to their later success. He never seems to miss an opportunity to bash CF. On his blog he said something akin to “I’ve seen his training and it’s nothing special” or something similar. What credibility does he have in making such a statement? Who has he produced?

On a semi-related note:I think Charlie would find it humorous(for reasons he’ll understand) that the guy Gambetta has a real issue/problem with is Loren Seagrave. VG feels he(LS) has built his career largely on material and concepts taken/stolen/borrowed(what ever you want to call it) from Gary Winckler. I’ve heard this from two separate, independent sources who apparently know all those guys fairly well. I don’t believe that Seagrave and Winckler necessarily have any problems with each other, though. I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing with that opinion, only stating that that is the apparent belief of VG.

Unprofessional and unwarranted. Let’s not give Vern anymore “limelight.”

That’s my view. I think he’s just jealous someone else was getting all the attention and said “Hey, look at me, I’m controversial!”