super recovery?

i havent done a serious workout since my last track meet,which was two months ago.of course,now ive gotten a little flabby and out of shape,but now it seems the longer i go without working out,the faster i get.ive been going out and doing flying 30s and maybe a 150 or two every now and then,just working on form,and im alot faster now,out of season,then when i working out and in competition.what gives?

I believe what you are talking about is called an overshoot effect. Charlie has some diagrams in a couple of his books that illustrate it. Its pretty much the same thing as peaking. There’s a period directly after you start intense work where your performance dips a little bit but as you lower the volume (or in your case, have no volume at all) your body overcompensates and creates an overshoot effect which heightens your performance for a short amount of time (a.k.a. peaking). But it will level out eventually… the key is trying to keep the level at which it levels out higher than it previously was. I hope I understand all of this correctly, LOL, if I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will tell me =)

makes sense.i had the same thing happen last year,not to this degree though,but once i resumed training i was running like crap again.

Although I been in the gym lifting like a madman I haven’t stepped on the track a single day since May 21st and jumped in two meets this summer with one 2 weeks ago at Icaan stadium and went 6.76 meters. The week before I went 6.61. My best of the year was 6.83.

unfortunately for me,i dont have the option of running in any summer meets,so i have no clue how fast im running right my last track i ran 11.15.i got out real good for the first 30m and then im getting out great and accelerating all the way through 50-60m before i feel like im hitting my right now,i dont know if im going 11 flat or 10.5.maddening.

11.15 is a good time.
Really no summer meets in your area?
Where are you from?
Here In the metro area there are plenty of option.

knoxville, summer is real busy for me since i also coach.