Sub 45 For Rock!

With 7 Divison 1 guys seeded at sub 45 for the meet next weekend, i think Andrew Rock of Wisconsin Lacrosse (Divison 3 NCAA Champ) should also get some recognition for his 44.66 1st place effort today.

Looks like these Olympic trials are going to be on fire!

and I’m gonna be in sacramento to watch. :slight_smile:

the 400 trials are going to be unbelievable not to mention the finals. I just hope none of these college guys are burnt out by the time olympic trials come around. Seems like they have coached that know what they are doing, so they should be ok!

My picks for the 400 meter US Olympic team:

Jeremy Wariner - this cat is just rollin!
Darold Williamson - not to far behind Wariner
Andrew Rock - beat Wariner in an Iowa indoor meet earlier this year.

someone that could sneak up and grab the 3rd spot:
Mitch Potter - getting better from his injury, could nab the 3rd spot the way that he is running.

Wishfull …

Playa hata!

Why? Because I don’t believe that college guys are going to dominate olympic trials in the 400m? Dude you’re really grasping at straws. Grow up.

No, since you bring no constructive arguement or prediction…I don’t think they will be able to extend based on their schedule. Instead of being negative bring something to the table like explain pitfalls, training errors, and so on.

Did I say dominate? Only on my audioposts!

Let’s add education or more questions.

So you were making your statement, regarding me being a “player hata”, on the basis that I neglected to include information? You obviously misinterprited my last post, since you repeatedly demonstrate that picking up on subtlety is not your strong point I shall explain. I included:

Why? Because I don’t believe that college guys are going to dominate olympic trials in the 400m?

Because it was the more rediculous of two alternatives, the other being that you were playing the man and not the ball; exposing the latter as the probable motive, this would be consistant with our last two encounters in which you resorted to ad hominem (among other logical fallacies). The question, you see, was rhetorical.

As far as bringing something to the table is concerned “this cats on fire” and “Playa hata” wouldn’t even cut it at the table of a franciscan.

My abilty to debate with fine tea and english muffins has much to be desired…thanks for all the information and quality advise Dazed. Elementary my dear Watson…

Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!