Stretching for strength

What’s the type of stretching good for Powerlifter?

Is good the Microstretching?

All stretching is good, but for when are you talking about? Before, after, at home you have to be more specific.

Yes. Its the official stretch of all the couch potatoes every where in the world. Dont even have to leave the ez chair. No its the lazy mans stretch. Unless your really sore why would you barely stretch. I dont see the science behind it. Any one that understands the stretch reflex and why tightern relax and stretch makes more sense should be perplexed by it.

PNF is still the king as far as im concerned.

Got the b’s to say what your thinking.

Guy from boston, one and only.


Only stretch when you are warm. I like to stretch after tempo, because that’s when I find it the most productive.