Strength-1RM gains

If hypertrophy is the only goal, a rotation of the program dominance every 4-6 weeks is a very good approach.
What is “dominant” in a program is the volume/variabble, intensity, intensiveness, frequency.
Instead for strength-1RM gains, what is the system you prefer from them (or would it be just the variation)? Intensity and frequency are the best/only ways?

Is Correct…
If following a block set up as follows:

Phase 1: Accum.-4 weeks

Phase 2: Intensification - 4 weeks

Phase 3: Mixed Accum./Int. (Shock Block, basically a block where the volume is higher but the intensity is kept at 85%)

Phase 4: Intensification - Low volume test block where there the intensity is at 90% for singles with a taper and test week coming in week 4.


Lengh of blocks is dependant on a lot of factors including training age and what is going on speed wise.