Great race for Asafa! He actually appeared nervous as I don’t recall him doing a great deal of swaying and bouncing around before he enters the blocks. I believe it’s a great thing as it illustrates to me that he really cared about the outcome. :slight_smile:

However, did anyone observe Bolt’s cadence in the last 15-20m :eek: ! It appeared as though he was stride for stride with Powell resulting in the late and EXTREMELY fast surge!

I certainly hope Bolt stays healthy throughout his career as he capable of doing some VERY special things.

RandyG…Over and out:cool:

it didnt appear to me that bolt was stride for stride with powell at the start.

:confused: He wasn’t stride for stride at the start. Actually he had a noticeably slower frequency.:confused:

My post refers to the last 15-20m :slight_smile: