Starting head position

I have a little fundamental problem going on here…

I am told by viewers that my head is not in line with my back, it’s going far too forward and down (which feels great) but doesn’t look too well to others.

When I am starting it’s just very natural, I like sticking it down and look at my legs… I did however got a 30M PR one time by keeping the head up from the start, like ben… BUT it feels slow, like I have less control and sensation of my drive phase… I believe it’s called proprioception ?

  1. Does it really matter if the head isn’t in line with the back ?

  2. Does it really matter if i look at my legs and not forward when driving ? It’s early GPP now, I can get used to looking forward if it’s a must.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

They are going to change the mechanics of your start and acceleration either way. Whether the change is positive or not…

So ur saying I should force my head up during the GPP and really work on that ?

My chest is a bit tighter than my upper back so the whole neck-shoulder area is rounded forward too, i bet that doesnt help.

I am working on it though

That isn’t what I said at all. You asked if it matters what you do and I said it does. It can really hurt some people’s mechanics and others’ it can help/not hinder. Some people do the “drive phase” head down thing and are fine, a lot aren’t. People run fast getting upright at 10-15m, people run fast keeping the head down for 20-30m–depends on the athlete.

now I understand… so just let the clock talk ? in other words how do I know what’s best for me- head down is more comfy for sure.

These may be positives! I know when everything is moving well and I am relaxed and in ‘hind-brain’ mode:

  • the run can seem to slow down in perception. It can seem to take forever to cover even a 20m fly.
  • when you are in hind brain you can feel like there is less control. Everything is happening automatically. There is no real cueing and the brain is not interdicting. You’re just along for the ride!
  • when everything is moving quick I’ve found that there are certainly less sensations.

Sounds like your PB was a good, relaxed, ‘let it happen’ run. Just do it again!

Thanks ! I will !