Standardized Warm Up

I read in CFTS that Charlie recommend to standardize the warm up. Well here is mine for a track session.
1: 800m slow jog (includes skipping, running
backwards, laterally, twisting
2: Small stretch
3: Tempo 50+50+50 followed by Ab work 50 reps
4: Stretch
5: 2 x Mach drills followed by Ab work 50 reps
6: Stretch followed by leg swings 2x10 each leg
7: 2 x mach drills followed by 20 push ups

Well there it is. Is this sufficient? What stretches does everyone use? I use PNF before training and static for recovery. Thanks again.

Warm-ups should be individual. If it works for you- it’s perfect.

It doesn’t matter what warmup you do just as long as it is consisent. When I started coaching my current group, the athletes were lead through a warmup which was different every time. At meets, the athletes hardly did anything in their warmup because they couldn’t remember what to do when warming up on their own! I standardized the warm-up for that reason. My senior athletes add in their own components eg more stretching if something feels tight. I like dynamic stretches at the beginning with static at the end as well.