Sprinting soreness

I just can’t shake the persistant soreness I get from sprinting. The day after sprinting my glutes and hamstrings are brutalized, this has been going on for several weeks. I take an ice bath after my speed work and self massage with a roller. Any other anti-soreness tips?

If it really is this bad then you must be doing too much work for what you can recover from. What are you doing? If you do less do you get less soreness?

Thanks for the reply. I am a sprinter and boxer. I train for boxing 4-5 days a week, sprinting is done every 2 days. A typical track session would be: 40-50 mins warm-up, 60m x 5 in sneakers @ 80%, 60m x 4-5 in spikes @ 90-95%, 60m x 2-3 @ 100%, hurdle jumps 3x8 reps. As long as I do ANY speed work I will be sore. I’m constantly sore in the glutes and hams and never anywhere else. The boxing takes nothing out of me and im never sore from it.

Are you doing good cool downs and lots of stretching post speed workouts?

Doing general stretching and flexibility work?

I think a warmup for your level should be 30mins then 4-5x30 in trainers 50-75-85-95%, 5x30 in spikes and 3x60.

You might want to drop the volume of 60m runs. You’re doing anywhere from 6-8 in a single workout. At that intensity, that’s a lot of volume. Of course, this depends on your level of development. I personally could not do eight 60m sprints several times a week and properly recover.

I have a suspicion the soreness might also be related to technical issues. If your weekly volume is too high, and you’re not properly recovering, you are likely to have lower power output. This can cause your hips to ride low, resulting in more deflection at the knee and creating stress on the hamstring.

Thank you. Yesterday I did a lower volume speed workout consisting of: 40 mins warm-up, 1x60m @ 95%, 1x60@ 100%, 4x30m starts@ 95%. I spent the rest of the day doing stretches every few hours. Today I have no soreness watsoever! I think the problem could be too much volume or it could be neural related, many months ago my physio said my sciatic nerve was blocked or something like that? The stretches I did were mainly straight leg toe touches to relax the nerve, although in my case I can only reach mid shin due to tightness.

Epsom salt bath !! :slight_smile:

A total of 730meters worth of speed work, plus plyos, and boxing all other days (which is hard enough on the body). Sounds like overtraining to me.

Sounds like you have underlying soft tissue problems which the excess speed volume was exacerbating. Proper soft tissue status is a prerequisite for speed training.

Thank you for all your replys. I didn’t realise how much speed work I was actually doing and more than likely my problem is overtraining. Today was my second day of reduced volume and I felt so light and fast. I finished early and left the track feeling refreshed instead of exhausted. I will continue with the lower volume speed work.