sprinting and fasting

Well its fasting month and i was wondering how bad it would be to do a sprint session, after having not eaten or drinken anything for about 10 hours?

Not ideal but you gotta do what you gotta do. Can you eat then do the sprint session?

well since i have to do both sprints and weights, teh only way for me to do it is to sprint first, then break my fast, and after a couple hours do weights have the PW meal and sleep. By tthe time i break my fast and have enough time to digest it would be dark anyway, and i wouldn’t be able to sprint.

If I were you, I would do something like the following so you don’t have to do any training while very hungy:
day 1- sprint
day 2- lift
day 3- tempo
day 4- sprint
day 5- lift
day 6- tempo
day 7- rest

that looks pretty good, but it sucks that i have to fast during gpp… by the way, other than discomfort, why is it sooo bad that i do exersise while very hungry?? i mean i would have had a large meal about 10 hours before and won’t be doing much activity till my sessiosn, so wouldn’t i still have enoughs stored energy?

Well give your way a try. If you feel like crap running while fasting, give my schedule a try.

Dude, you are not going to be taxing your CNS much at all at your level. You could probably do sprints and lifting everyday and still manage (not the best, but you would manage) to improve. Even people near 11.0 and lifting much greater weights than you aren’t taxing the CNS THAT much, given non-extreme training (IE tons of max lift, etc.).

Um, Davan I think the problem here is starvation not CNS stress :). I have some girls who eat breakfast then don’t eat lunch and come to practice at 4 and run like shiot.

sorry to ask but why are you fasting, is it a religious thing? your body needs fuel to work, and not eating and then training makes ur hormonal balance go crazy.

It is a muslim holiday, and they can only eat between sundown and sun up. No food, water, etc. during the day though.

hmm ok, makes it hard to train but understandable. maybe u could train right b4 sundown so u can atleast eat and drink right after u drinki would keep the workouts short and sweet. break up work into two sessions track work during the day abs weights ect during the night. spend only about 45 min on the track ect ect.

There is nothing wrong with fasting and sprinting. People do it all the time year after year. They fast from morning to evening, train and then break the fast afterwards. I see no need to change your workouts although the first few days will be hard, after that, you will forget that your are fasting.

who are you talking about, other muslims. an athletes needs to eat period and if they dont they are not going to get the most out of their body. ofcourse you make due in his situation but an athlete that can eat and doesnt eat is a fool.

Who do you think i am?

I experienced it year after year and thats why am talking. I keep fast from the 6am and start training at 5pm. I either was i school or working during this period of time. A lot of pbs on training and competition.

I dont care what the science say am talking from real time experience.

I think James is trying to say, that someone who would not eat during the day OUTSIDE the month of Ramadan, would not be getting the most out of their training. So, if you are PBing while you are fasting then great. But I don’t think anyone would say fasting is optimal.

Everyone knows sprinting makes you fast. Doh,

When I was in Rabat during Ramadan a few years ago they turned the flood lights on at the athletics institute track after midnight so that Hicham El Guerrouj could do his interval sessions. It was tough for him, but he did what he had to do (as has been noted earlier).