Someone which have some speedprogram. I have 4 days a week to train speed! Can someone help me?

go to your local library and rent every book on speed that you can.

research and learn on your own its the best thing you can do. different people have different ideas and training methods so by researching stuff yourself you can pick something that you feel would work for you.

how old are you? how tall? what do you weigh?

what sport are you training for?

Im 1,83 and 84 kilos. Im training for soccer. I have soccer training 4-5 times a week and I want to spend 4 days at week for speedtraining. So it will be 9 times a week training. I have done a trainingprogram!

mon: 5x30 m 2x 80 m stegringslopp+plyo 8 4x6+soccer
Tis: 5x10 m+soccer
wed: strenght snatch and more 4x5+soccer
Thu: 4x10 m 5x30 m+plyo 8 4x6+soccer
Fre: 5x10 m 5x30 m+strenght snatch and more 4x5+(soccer nor every week!)

Is it good what can I do better.