Does it makes a diffirens if you do weights right after speed, or split it up in two seassion in the same day?
Or have the recovery started once seassion one is done?
If not, wich do you do first?

For non-professionals training twice a day can encourage overtraining if the second session is very late in the evening therefore implying that recovery elements are not sufficient and complete, particluarly recovery from the last training period.

By training ones speed and then ones weights together or directly after one another- the recovery periods are longer.

I also believe that the body has a more constant stream of nutrients being supplied to it if training is performed earlier in the day rather than later in the evening.


Agree with Zoom.

The advantage to doing them right after is that you are already warmed up and can save some time there. If you are going to split them, then 4 - 5 hours is a nice amount of time between, but I have not had a problem if there is only an hour or so. The most important thing is to do what you need to get them both in.

I agree with zoom in that it really depends on your circumstances and what is most practical. However, I also agree with no23, but for slightly different reasons. If you have several hours rest between the track and the weightroom, you will be better rested for your weightlifting session, which will allow you to handle a heavier workload (intensity and/or volume) than if you lifted right after running. This may sound great at first, but it means that you’re ultimately increasing the overall workload, which can overtrain you if you don’t take this into consideration. Plus you have to do another warmup, which increases your overall time commitment for the day.

So its no danger to the strength devolement then? The best should be right after speedtraining for me, its just something that I read in a magazine on strenght training shouldn`t be more than one hour
for best results?

How long should the speedseassion be at most when you lift after, and do you use any proteindrinks or something in between?

And weights should always be after, not before?

Take care…

you do speed sessions that last 3-3 1/2 hours???