Speed Training for the Skill players in American football

I am interested in knowing some peoples thoughts on speed training high school and collegiate football players and how this may be combined or balanced with “strength training.” It is the feeling of many in the private training sector that strength training alone is the be all end all solution. I find this to be very naive and know from experience as well as studying many of CFs products (GPP, Forum Reivew, Speed Trap CFTS etc) this is an absolute pipe dream. I am wondering how coaches of physical preparation evaluate their effectiness and what means they use to address the many motor skills involved in football at the skill positions. It is obvious that just putting weigt on kids and getting their 1RMs in the weight room up is rather mindless task and any meat head bodybuilder powerlifter can do this. Then there is the task of getting athletes faster and balancing this with sport form such as position specific drills and route running etc. The main thing I find difficult is getting the athletes to understand relaxation and its effects on speed and “agility”. I am wondering how the amount of time in the weight room can be adjusted for the different body types and training ages and by position. Because as we know football is about being able to get in the positions, apply force in those positions and being able to repeat it a shit ton of times. Just trying to stimulate some thinking and speculation.