can we all agree that the key to a good 400 is speed reserve.? after going through the 400 thread i have been wondering about this concept and i would liek to make sure i have this illustated correctly…

les take 2 runners with the same 400 PR. (49.5)

(RUNNER 1)- 200 PR (21.5) 400 PR (49.5)
400 SPLITS (22.8/26.7)
SPEED RESERVE: 22.8-21.5= 1.3

(RUNNER 2)-200 PR (22.2) 400 PR (49.5)
400 SPLITS (23.2/26.3)
SPEED RESERVE:23.2-22.2=1.0

So runner 2’s speed reserve is better am i correct? can someone illustarte this in another more efective way perhaps so i can gain a better understanding? and can we mention ways on improving speed reserve?:karate:

I’ll use an example.

Two athletes go out to race a 400. Athlete A runs the 200 in 21 seconds, Athlete B runs it in 22 seconds. Let’s say in the 400 “A” runs a 22.2 and B runs a 23. People watching the race may assume that athlete A has gone out too fast but in fact it was easier for athlete A. So now, not only has athlete A built a formidable lead, assuming good fitness he should have an even easier time than athlete B for the final 200. (Because A ran the first 200 1.2 seconds slower than his PB and B ran only 1 second slower, ie B exerted more effort.)

That may have been explained poorly, but I think I have the concept down.

Agreed, in the 400m speed reserve is the key. Eg. Michael Johson, 200m pb=19.3, so going out in 21.0 is probably not that difficult for him.

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