Soy protein. No good?

Gotta go, can somebody tell me about the good and bad of Soy protein?
Still building muscles, should I bother with Soy?

Want more alkaline response than acvid response in my diet. :slight_smile:

Stay away form soy…unless your a female. It coverts into estrogen. Some care to post the link to the soy protein article that was posted on t-mag? i tihnk that summed it up rather well.

There is also an article about soy on called soylent green.

Check out:

Will Brink does a pretty good job outlining the positive and negative aspects of soy protein. I believe the title of the article is “A partitial vindication of Soy.”

I did a paper/presentation on the value of soy protein a couple of years back for an upper division sports nutrition course, and from what I found I would recommend staying with outher sources of protein/protein supplements unless you choose to be a vegetarian.

I got a file not found error with that one. Try soy.html instead of soy.htm and it should get you through.

In terms of biological availablilty rating, soy is low on the totem pole. Stick to whey isolate/simple sugar during (weight room) and post-workout(weight room/track) and a more slow to process blend (casein, whey concentrate, egg, beef plasma, etc.) between meals and before bed. Check out
James Smith

My opinion on the whole thing is that you just shouldn’t eat so much of one thing. It’s not good for you. Vary it up. Get some eggs, some whey, some poultry, and some beef, but don’t just eat one supplement you will get poor results versus a varied diet. I garuntee it.

Thanx guys! I’m staying away from Soy from this minute.

How did Carl Lewis get enough protein on a Vegan-vegetarian diet?
Vegan = no animmal products.

Although most high protein (animmal) sources give an acid response I guess that the xtra protein and hormonal state outweighs the “less stressfull” vego
type diets.