Source for BCAA's

Hi guys,

I’m running low on BCAA’s and I was just wondering on who you found good/reliable as a source for BCAA’s.

I’ve used ICE and BSL before.
BSL don’t seem from their website to be doing a pure BCAA product as before and while I like ICE I think them a little highly priced for simple BCAA’s.

Who do you use?

Anyone fire up an alternative and we can compare cost per gram. Too many sugar blends trying to sell 600mg doses. Rip off! Good BCAAs will never mix all the way. 90 servings is 15 dollars a month. And that is every day! You can double the serving and do it on only CNS days.

are you talking about ICE or from BSL?

Who here is following Charlie’s suggestion on using BCAAs? I have and the results are impressive.

Has anyone tried the amino vitals?

I’ve only experimented with BCAA supplementation w/ a clean diet on training day only, and I can’t say I could tell much, but I did NOT detail much in my training log, so it’s hard to say.

I do know a few individuals that I’ve worked with in the past that used Charlie’s recommendations on a daily basis with a good diet, and had good results. This was w/ the ICE product too.

David Rosland told me over the phone once to try to take 20g in a gallon of water and sip it throughout the day. I have yet to try this, and when (if) I do, I’ll report back to the board.

Musashi Ni Nourishment: BCAAs cost $45 for 150g
works good but a little expensive. EDIT: this is based on the costs in the UK converted to $ and we have different tax over here… perhaps it is cheaper in the US. By the way you only use 5g at a time of the Ni so thats 30 serves.

That’s ridiculous considering nearly 1000g of ICE is $40-45 at some online merchants.

Years ago, I used Glutacene. Now I use MRM’s BCAA + G. I like to start it just before warm-up sets and sip it throughout my workout.

While presently nursing an injury, I have used BCAA’s as Charlie detailed in his book with absolutely great results. Just to make sure I could track any changes, I monitored my diet and supppliments (only a mutli vitamin at the time) to better single out action and effect. I noticed an immediate, profound even, increase in energy level and alertness throughout my speed sessions and weight training when I began supplementing BCAA’s. I use TwinLabs Amino Fuel (liquid form), typically taken one hour into my training then every 30 minutes.

Look at the research and look at the formula from their website. Nuff said.

I’ve heard positive comments about them, but I’d like to hear more, please!
Also, what’s the best place to buy them from?

I got a bunch of samples from them a while back and really liked them. The mix and shake tastes great and the electrolytes are nice but not a lot of aminos really. Plus at a dollar a pop it can get expensive.

The mix and shake tastes great and the electrolytes are nice but not a lot of aminos really

Sugar Vital? Sounds like a great investment! get 600mg servings of aminos when others are getting 10 grams? LAME.

There are many associated benefits with BCAA supp for longer periods.

I suggest using it durign times of intense study or mental work and see how you get on.

TC - what is your UK supplier - I might see what it costs in Euros (and including Shipping)

Generally MRM are a good supplier from what I’ve heard from some Canadian trainers - but I haven’t tried their BCAAs

You got a link or source for me T?

the company Ajinomoto is supposedly the worlds largest supplier of aminos

600m vs 10 grams? Largest software company is microsoft but I would rather use Firefox instead of IE!