Sodium Citrate Supplementation

Does anyone know where to purchase sodium citrate? I did some reading and would like to try it for one of my endurance races coming up.

I did a study with Sodium Citrate. The loading protocol is 0.3g per kg of bodyweight over 2-3 hours. Its a good idea to make up your own capsules to do this.

I found that citrate worked better than bicarb or placebo for the 400m. Perhaps for 800m bicarb works better? Also creatine with beta-alanine seems to also help a bit (we use Phosphogen Elite).

Thank you for the dosing insight. It is very helpful hearing from someone that has done a study on it.

Now I just need to know where you purchased it? I did some searching on the internet, but with no luck. Any help in this dept. would be greatly appreciated!

Sodium Citrate is far more effective than bi-carb.

Never heard of this…ahh the things you learn every day.

Charlie, where can I purchase it?

Try the internet… how bout

Prob pharmacy or chemist.

I wasn’t sure if it was safe to consume chemistry grade raw materials.

Potassium Citrate or Coline?

Would this be acceptable?

The race is next weekend so I am looking to get some of this as quickly as I can.

Due to uncontrolled MB factors.

Never test something NEW at a race. You never know how you’ll react. You might get the runs! Try it in practice and always start with a small amout and experiment from there. If and when you feel it’s working, you can try it in a race.

For those like me that needed more info

Thanks. I planned to try it early next week to asses my tolerance b/c I have read about the potential side effects.

And do not underestimate them!!! Messy!

I once (and only once) tried a suggestion that involved sodium bicarb drinks as a cold remedy, didn’t fix the cold but sure as heck gave me a good cleanout :cool: