Shoulder relaxation

Lot’s of people tell me that my shoulders are “up” and tense while sprinting. It feels natural, but I have no doubt they are actually doing this. How do I fix this? I could force them down, but wouldn’t I just be trying to elimate tensness by making my shoulder tense again, just in a different position? It seems counterproductive to me. I’ve searched on the forums for some more info on this and haven’t found anything that is much help. Could this be an overall relaxation issue though? I have always been taught the key to relaxing is having your face loose, so this is what I try to do.

And some leg action. Should I even worry about how my legs apply force to the ground, or does correct arm action dictate this? I think I am braking on contact with the ground.

Thanks for any help.


Try running on the lane line during strides, tempo, etc. This will let you see if your hands are going to the mid line of body. If this is happening, then your shoulders are probably relaxing.

My coach told me that my shoulders look a little tense during running. But I am relaxed so I’m not really worrying about it.

So correct arm movement includes your hands moving to the middle of your body?