shin splints

i have had shin splints before but not as bad as this time. when i run it feels like my calf is coming off my shin. does n e 1 no any thing about shin splints to help make them better.
thankz muzz

there is quite a bit of info on shin splints in this forum. Try to search.

But for crumbs…
I believe there are a few prevailing theories.
What you are running on (surfaces) and how much
What you are running in (type of shoes) and how much
Strenght of arch in foot and top of foot
lack of flex in calves or strength, or both

Try icing and stretching more during and after wkouts or rub downs
SOmetimes they can take a year for muscles to adapt and get stronger.

Do a search in the forum.

thankz for that sonicboom. im re thinking where i am going to train to help condtion and strengthen my calfs and feet.
thankz muzz

What sport? How often are you training? Maybe you could just reduce the frequency of your running for a while until they calm down.

calf raises, working on holding the stretch at the bottom and holding the weight at the top, also try doing them in joggers v’s boots, it works the feet more in joggers.
Try doing exercies for front shin muscle - hammer on top of toes, up and down.
Basic, for more, search button up top