Severe foot sprain

Hey guys I need help.

A little over 3 weeks ago I was doing side to side jumps, with a sprint after I landed the 3rd time. My ankle is fine but i sprained my foot real bad. They thought it might be a possible Lis Frank injury, but CT scan showed nothing on that. All the CT scan showed was on the 3rd metetorsal i tore a litle bit of the bone away with my tendon. There was no aparent Tenden or legiment damage.

I have been doing everything and I need to get healthy here for football, I have missed so far the whole season. They have me in a boot, and i am able to gingerly walk without it when i need to around my place. Coaches are looking to get me back soon. The foot is very weak across the metetosal area on top.

Would Ems be a good way to strengthen it. If so how? Contrast, Prolo? What do oyu guys think. Appreciate the help.

It’s a bit tough to make a suggestion without first hand info and examination but all the modalities you list should be used but the initial EMS should be in a pulse mode on the area. HOWEVER EMS can be used for strengthening everywhere else, since the foot problem will limit many of your normal training options.

Thanks Charlie. I will update on what happens. I going to a prolotherapy Dr. Tomorrow and am going to see what he says.

I would be interested to know if he even knows about EMS. I did a similar thing while simply walking to the track but was only out for 6 weeks. I simply rested and used ems in pulsing mode.

Are you talking about me or the Dr.? I have a Compex Sport EMS machine. It has a good active recovery program that I have been using. I use it in an elevated position. Any tips or comments to help me get back healthy, and quickly.

Also today I got prolo done on my foot, I will let you guys know how that feels.

Sounds good. Keep using the Compex in the active recovery mode- over the entire legs in an elevated position. Promotion of circulation everywhere will help recovery in the foot area (which has more bradytrophic tissue)

Quick update on my foot. I recieved prolo a week ago on Friday. That really helped a lot. On a 10 grade scale, I went from a 2-4 in three to 4 days. They let me out of my boot, but I am very weak and it still hurts a little to walk. I have been doing what you said Charlie and I have a couple of questions.

  1. Pad placement, I have been putting the negative on top and positve on the arch. Does that sound Ok?

  2. When I elevate my foot I get a pain feeling from it. Almost like the swelling hurts while trickling back towards my heart. Hope that makes sense. What could that be?

Anyways, not much else has changed. I would say I am about a 4/10. So I have a ways to go.


I’d try the pads in a number of different locations around the foot, including either side of the heal. Not sure if it matters which is neg side till intensity goes up, then tx will be standing up on the electrodes on the ball of the foot and the heel, with the neg pad to the ball at first cause you get the stronger contraction around the neg pad and the pain will likely concentrate on the smaller area (heel).