I’m going into my senior year and beginning to think about colleges. If I went to a school that followed Charlie’s methods or had a very successful program I would probably do track there, if not I think I would just train on my own.
Things that I’m looking for in schools are:
Hot weather.
School at my level (3.3 GPA, 1370 SAT)
In a city
Good track program obviously. I’m going to assume, most likely foolishly, that I’ll go sub-11 next year, but even if I do get that there will still be a lot of good schools I probably couldn’t run at.
Not more than 5 hours by plane from New Jersey.

It doesn’t have to meet all the above criteria.

s.u.n.y cortland

cold weather thogh! lol

I know that’s the thing!!! Syracuse is also supposed to have a great program, although I don’t know if I could run for them, but its so damn cold anyway! I think I have to consider these schools though.

check out some jersey schools…
Check out College of NJ Maybee. The sprint coach there has a contemporary approach to sprint training that is similar to some of Charlie’s thoughts regarding acceleration and special endurance.
Montclair got a crop of quarter milers.
Rowan has also produced some good sprinters in the past.


Hey Pete,
Check out Washington and Lee University in Virginia. Very academic and a new coach hired to build a stronger program.

How is Lincoln University of PA?

they are one of the top d3 sprinting schools. however i think its a black school. or at least there isnt one single white person on the track team.
can anyone verify if its a black school or not?
also i know for a fact they use charlies methods.

Savannah State rocks!

what about St John’s? (D3 in Minnesota)

I strongly suggest University of South Carolina.

I graduated from Washington and Lee in '94, but I didn’t run for them. Did you go there? What have they done to the track program there? I saw pictures of their rennovated weight room which is nothing short of spectacular, and I know they’re building a field house. That should make Lexington, VA one of the best training locations around: two outdoor tracks and two indoor tracks within walking distance of each other (if you include VMI’s facilities).

On top of a new weight room and the indoor facilities (including VMI), the new track coach has worked for a well respected training company in Philly and has connections with numerous coaches throughout the country. He is extremely knowledable and works well with a variety of athletes/abilities.

Are there any schools down south, like in Fla that use Charlie’s methods?

I really can’t wait to go back and visit now. It’s been almost three years since I was back in Lexington.

Thanks a lot for the replies guys! A lot to look into now.

Haha, I know this is going to happen, as I try to get away from New Jersey its going to turn out that all the schools be perfect for me and have great programs. Ahhhhhh!

Originally posted by Timothy Lane
I strongly suggest University of South Carolina.

This is really funny because I was just down in Georgia and my cousins were talking about how they thought that maybe this would be a good school for me. When you said this it jogged my memory from some old post when you were talking about how they provide massage for the track team there. That’s pretty awesome!