Save Your Nutritional Rights Now!!!


Unfortunately this really is not as far fetched as it may seem. Pharm companies are really looking for another option to combat their dropping revenues with the passing of new MediCare laws and generic options.

There are strict new guidelines that are going to be discussed in congress very soon. Feb. 1 is the deadline for you to voice your opinion. After that your options are left to the money hunting electorates that can really care less about the way things actually are and the way the media head hunters want to portray it.

Please go to the following website immediately and send off a letter. Even if you are not very interested in any products now, doing this can save your option in the very near future.

a lot of us on this board were happy that prohormones are gone, but if injustice is somewhere, it could be everywhere!

Think about supplements you use and what you spend on them. Imagine vitamin C being sold with only prescription and you are paying 60 bucks.


is it worth sending this letter from outside the US?

let us know…

I’d hate to have to pay an arm and leg for my daily multi-vitamin or hassle with a prescription just like anyone else, but let me play the devil’s advocate for a moment. Would tighter regulation give an athlete more confidence that the supplements he’s using are untainted by the manufacturer, and a much stronger legal recourse if they were and he unwittingly tested positive?

Fair enough, but are elite athletes in the majority? They presumably have time and money to burn in finding quality supps. Millions of people take vits who are not competitive athletes!

It is just one goddamn thing after another in the US… everyone only cares about $$!

Tighter regulation? Maybe so and that is good…but the FDA is only allowing GMP production so that is not a big step. It’s just the pharmacuetical companies want more since the public is doing a decent job of trying to prevent cancer… What happens is we just have vitamins and minerals for the next ten years.

Europe is doing something similar so the key is to be vocal. I am writing an article for the defense of supplements. Matt Murdock to the rescue.

If you’re using Usana, they already voluntarily meet GMP.

If you think about it, vitamins are probably just useless anyways. I don’t think a human body can absorb or have any use for the processed substances put into vitamin pills. Vegetables are the best and only way to absorb vitamins and minerals IMO.

I thought about it and your wrong. Vegetables don’t have all the vitamins/minerals you need. Yes you could get all the vitamins you NEED from whole foods, but haven’t you heard of the positive benefits of supplementing vit C, the B vitamins, and vit E just to name a few?


What if USANA was banned? And a good product was available for 200 dollars with a prescription?

I’d be S.O.L. or I’d have to stop car payments!..I know what you’re getting at.

Is there a chance of this happening in Canada?

Try to buy quality fish oil!

It is just one goddamn thing after another in the US… everyone only cares about $$![/QUOTE]

Totally agee!!!

The US gov. could give 2 sh1ts about the health of thier people. What they need to do is lay the smack down on all the fast food companies that are destroying people’s health. Its so ass backwards here. Instead of making health care affordable they make taking care of yourself expensive…


I sent my letter in!!!


Totally agree!! The US gov. doesn’t give 2 sh1ts about the health of thier people. What they need to do is lay the smack down on tobacco companies and fast food places. Its so ass backwards here. Instead of making health care affordable they make it more expensive to take care of yourself…

I sent my letter in.

Hey! What are you worried about? Our friends in the Pharmaceutical industry have only your best interests at heart. Surely you don’t think profit enters into their thinking. Think of the benefits of having your vitamins approved by them (for a small fee). they need this money to carry on the fight to protect Americans from those cheap Canadian perscription drugs that the elderly keep buying under the misguided notion that they still want to eat as well as live (except, of course for Canadian Flu-shots, which, of course, the American government says are totally safe and effective, cause they fucked up on their own supply).
Only the most cynical among us would think that they smell new profits to replace the ones they lost after it was revealed that their fully-approved, Perscription-based Cox-2 drugs killed 40,000 people and they could no longer cover it up!


No swat teams are going to bust Burger King soon…and kids will not be sent to workout camps to Utah to move instead of online chatting at home. I do think that the nutritional companies will be in trouble…when?

I haven’t heard of these benefits. What are they? Are there any legitament study’s to back them up? I remember excessive doses of vitamin C was “supposed” to help with muscle soreness.

What do you mean? SWAT teams are at Burger King all the time- between stops for donuts. (Besides, Burger King beats the hell out of the other two! Just as an aside, we stopped at a Burger King in the US recently and, after a few minutes, came to the stunning realization that the burgers there are at least half again bigger than the same BK burgers in Toronto. We’re getting ripped off! )

Not to antagonize you but you’re asking for studies to back up vitamin C but when you argue for not needing vitamins you say, “In My Opinion”. You can’t just give your opinion for your beliefs but expect others to have to back everything up with research. Where’s yours? Give it a rest.

Has anything good ever come out of a pill?