Said Aouita sacked (again)

Aouita sacked by Moroccan athletics federation

Former Olympic 5000m champion dismissed after claiming federation prevented him from fulfilling his mission.

RABAT - Former Olympic 5000m champion Said Aouita was sacked Friday as technical director of the Moroccan athletics federation (FRMA), a day after claiming he was being forced out of his post.

Aouita was brought on board in September 2008 as a replacement for Mustapha Aouchar and given the task of unearthing and coaching future Olympic talent.

But a day after claiming he had been working in a “tense” climate because of a new management structure put in place by federation bosses, the FRMA released a short statement saying the former two-time world 5000m champion was sacked.

Aouita, a 5000m gold medal winner at the Los Angeles Games in 1984, claimed that some elements within the federation had tried to prevent him from fulfilling his mission.

He also indicated, without going further, that his serious approach to training, coupled with a strong stance against doping, was being met with resistance.

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” said Aouita Thursday.

"It started after the creation of a body within the federation which has effectively reduced my prerogatives as principal technical director.

"I initially came here to train athletes in a serious and professional way. I also advocate a strong anti-doping stance. But unfortunately some people are preventing me from doing this.

“I get the impression that this new body (within the federation) is trying to push me out the door.”

Aouita said he had unearthed a few potential champions whom he would hope to lead to the London Olympics in 2012 and beyond.