Sad Fall of Hurdles Champ DANNY HARRIS

by Carolanne Sudderth
Ocean Park Gazette

Nov. 12 - A former Olympic athlete was arrested Wednesday in connection with a number of residential burglaries and residential robberies in Santa Monica

Today, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s filed seven felony counts against Danny Harris charging him with one count of kidnapping for the purpose of robbery, two counts of robbery, two counts of burglary, and two counts of criminal threats.

On Nov. 9, 2004, with the aid of a bloodhound K-9, Santa Monica Police Detectives conducted a based upon a scent obtained from a cap left behind by the suspect. The bloodhound K-9 tracked the scent to the Clare Foundation located in the 800 block of Pico Boulevard.

An investigative follow-up was conducted by Santa Monica Police Detectives, which subsequently lead to an identification of the suspect. A photographic line-up was conducted and several victims and witnesses identified the suspect. An arrest warrant was obtained for the suspect, and he was arrested outside his residence. The suspect was identified as Danny Harris, 39, black, transient, who currently resides at the Clare Foundation.

Harris took the silver medal in track and field in 1984. A failed return to the 1988 Olympics was caused by a sore hamstring, and after what he describes “the crushing disappointment of missing the team,” he developed an addiction to cocaine.

The drug problem came full circle in 1992, when he earned a four-year ban from the Olympics by testing tested positive for cocaine.

Harris’ bail has been set at 1.4 million dollars. This investigation is ongoing, and it is anticipated that additional charges will be filed with the District Attorney’s Office.

Thats very sad.
I do hope he can eventually sort himself out.
The most important ‘race’ is life and how we live it. The relationships we have with our loved ones, friends and children, i consider are crucial to a happy and fulfilled life…this is the foundation from which everything flows. We all have ups and downs in life but if we are have a strong base of friendship, love, respect and support we can hopefully put them in perspective.
Someone said that “winning and losing are both imposters”, yes they have an effect; but we have to be careful not to define ourselves by them. Perhaps top athletes find this difficult to do?


what a shame