running out of options..

I am running out of options.

I have always been injury prone, but 2005 was the worst. I could barely go a few weeks, without getting injured and having to take 3-4 weeks off. :frowning:

I have been to three different physios and they did fuck all. I can describe what happens to me over the net of course. Where I get injured, what type of pain it is etc, but obviously you can’t help me without actually seeing me.

So where can I go to see why I’m injury prone and how to fix it? Is there anyone other then physio’s that can help? Cause if not, im doomed. :mad:

If you never let your injuries healed then you are fking yourself over, you need to know that. Sprain an ankle, take 2 weeks off and try to come back, then maybe you have a knee problem from poor mechcanics, maybe a hamstring problem, etc. Coming back too early is why people become “injury prone” along with poor training and poor nutrition and therapy.

I know that. I admit I used to come back to soon, but I have learned not to do that.

Is there any professional I can see about this? That would be able to look at my mechanics [running, kicking etc] and any other possible causes and would be able to help me? To check for any imbalances?