Reverse Leg Press

What was the range of motion for Charlie’s athletes on the reverse leg press?

All the way to thigh parallel to the floor, or thigh just past perpendicular to the floor, or somewhere in between?


Someone throw me a bone, please.

I’d still like to know.


For what it’s worth, I’ve always had my athletes perform it from a starting position in which they are leaning forward, bracing their arms against the seat of the leg press, with their torso at about a 40-50 degree acceleration angle, in relation to the floor, and they push the leg back until the hip is fully extended.

Is this a movement you use often?

I’ve built my own version…with a bench pad where you lie on with the chest, and a rope attacche to a low pulley…I held to the machine , and simply push back and high…never used an exercise I can feel so much on the origin of hams, high just below buttocks

No because we only have one leg press. The movement is usually reserved for my guys with an injury that contraindicates any axial loading of the spine; thus ruling out squats.

Do you have a photo of this set up?

This is how I do them as well.

I’m glad the discussion got cranked up, but now I am more confused.

I am talking about the exercise pictured on page 51 of CFTS.

Are you all talking about the same thing?


What don’t you understand?

rIGHT NOW no…but cantry to remember to have one…very simple though…

Thanks for the help.

I got it.

I completely misinterpreted the picture.

So everything everyone was saying got me more confused.

I was thinking reverse in the sense that you were pulling with the leg rather than pushing, not in the sense that it is a (somewhat) regular leg press but with the orientation of the body reversed.

I joined this site to learn, and I learned.


Is the RLP better than the normal LP?

If so, should I replace leg presses with reverse leg presses???