results of chris6878's first meet

The results have not been posted for this meet yet.
The official website where they will be posted is
I ran the 60M and the 100M. Dennis Mitchell was there calling us to the blocks. ( I meant to ask him abouot the seoul re run, but i forgot)
In the 60 i false started. ( little nervous) I came back and settled down. When the gun went off i got a good start but i took a bad step. That hurt my race I came up out of my drive phase and ran about 2 or 3 people down but the race was over. The times for the 60 were very wrong.
The winner ran 5.89. I came in 4th with a 6.00. I think this was 50 meters.
The winner in the 60 was a guy named Gerald wright. He has a pr of 10.08.

In the 100 meters I made the mistake of not waming up properly. I thought I had more time after the 60 but i was wrong. I was sitting down when they called us over for the 100. They gave us no time to get ready. I was in the first heat. I got a good start and drive phase. I came up in about 6th place out of my drive phase. I ran down about three people to finish 3rd in my heat. I lost form bad the last 10-20 meters.
The winning time was 10.45. I ran a 10.70. Im pleased with it for the first meet.

good job!

I take it was 50 meters you ran and not 60m right?


yea i assume that is what it was. 6 flat in the 60 is not possible.

good times.what are your pr.s?

nevermind i read your journal. keep us posted on your progress.