Removing scar tissue

Getting a massage isn’t a realistic option for me because i’m a college student. I’m hoping to relieve my nagging hamstring by self massage. What does scar tissue feel like? is it obvious by touch or does it take a qualified person to find it? Any tips on effective self massage would be much appreciated.

go to the training room and ask for ultra sound. also, use the foam roller and work the muscle(ie jog, stretch, etc). you do not get rid of scar tissue by sitting around. message is probably the best way though.

Trying to rid scar tissue on your own can be a bad idea if you dont know what youre doing. You may nor break it down fully, leaving the muscle more vulnerable. Also a muscle has a certain pattern in weaving itself which can be aided by proper massage which ensures the muscles will be strong and supple. if you can get your schools trainer to use ultasound thats good, but the best option is to save up some beer money and get a massage.

Try ART It works for some.

My sister broke her elbow last fall, she had surgery, and now a nasty scar with plenty of scar tissue. She had several physical therapy sessions (ultrasounds, electricity, massages, exercises, etc), she’s a tennis player, and it still hurts to do certain things (serving, and extending the arm with force).

Is this a scar tissue issue? A couple of doctors have said that the surgeon did a good job reattaching the bone.
So I’m also interested in how you get rid of it, when it didn’t go away with all that therapy she had.


Thanks for the input folks. I’m presuming that there is some scar tissue in my hamstring causing me the pain because i’v had it for about 8 months now, I have recieved free therapy but the physio was too weak and it did nothing for me. This has made me sceptical about spending 80 euro or so. Also its a very awkward spot, where the hamstring meets the glute near my family jewells :smiley: so I’d like to try and deal with it myself.

Not quite the same injury, but I dislocated my elbow before and an ART practitioner helped greatly in returning me to normal. Possible idea.

Check out the Fundamentals 2 Video- Solving Problems-

Fundamentals 2: Solving Problems (CFF2)

Charlie goes to meet Tom at the Airport and takes him to see Mike. They discuss his medical history in depth over a period of some 10 minutes that leads Mike to diagnose Tom as the worlds first truly Bionic Man (regarding all the metal that seems to be floating around inside his body). They discuss Tom’s goals for the week long training period and before moving onto the massage couch for a full examination and treatment.

What follows is an in depth explanation and demonstration of ART and contemporary medical acupuncture as first seen in the Jane DVD.

Mike runs through his functional tests explaining exactly what he is looking for with each one. For me this was really interesting as while I am not a medical professional I have occasionally been experimenting with some basic functional tests (taught to me by a Osteopath friend) to gauge whether things I am seeing on the track perhaps correlate with joint ROM and strength imbalances. While I now have 6 months experience at massage it just amazes me how Mike can run his hands over skin and identify adhesions and other problematic areas.

Once the exam is over, Mike explains what he intends to do during the session and pulls out the EMS unit and acupuncture needles! You then get to see Mike stick 8 needles in Toms back and a number in his piriformis and down the lateral side of his right hand glute/IT band (all of which seem to go in very dee!), attach the leads and set the needles twitching.

The film resumes some 15 minutes later as Mike removes the needles and sets to work with his manual techniques. Having read the patent on ART, I could really see what mike was doing as he worked his way from one facial plane to the next. Mike then whips out a Jade stone to loosen up some more tight areas on the hip. This was one technique I have not seen before and it looks as if it may even be possible to apply it to ones self in certain circumstances.

Mike then moves onto Toms big toe explaining how the tight flexor hallucis longus is affecting toe off. Have a few minutes more work you get to see the improvement as Tom stands up and is amazed at his improved range of motion. A must have for a good look into therapy used by CF & Co.

The work Dr. Prebeg did on my right side with ART and the Gentle Jade restored the ROM in my right hip.

Needless to say, I’ve had a few injuries that produced some scar tissue.

The footage in Fundamentals 2 Video- Solving Problems will give you an understanding of techniques used to remove scar tissue.

Check it Out!

A couple of deep tissue massages should help a lot, but tell them where you have scar tissue so that they can work on it.

Hope it all works out for you.

Start to use the best natural scar treatment product, wheat germ oil! (keep it refrigerated)
30 days…massage on the scar tissue.
Then if you can buy a Kinesio tape, use it on the scar is excellent.
Self-massage along the fiber direction, light stretching, mild/long pressure into the painful spot.
This can help you with only about 20 dollars!


Wheat germ oil? very interesting. I’ll try it. Thanks