Reaction Time

i’m a 16 year old ‘sprinter’ who trains for the 100m and 200m but mostly for the 100m. well my problem is that my reaction time from the blocks is really slow and normally i start coming closer to the ones in front int he last 50m (talking about the 100m now).

is there anything that can be done me to improve this?


We’ve written about this in the archives before but the first thing to move is the lead hand, so you can bend forward at the waist with the hands down as if in a start and have someone clap behind you and react with the lead hand forward up to 20 times per day- it will take nothing out of you but will help with R/T.
think about moving the lead hand only and NOT when the sound is coming. that changes a reaction into a reflex, which is up to a tenth faster. If you don’t have anyone who can clap for you, get a cheap tape recorder, clap into it, and play it back whenever you want.