Quote from Tyson Gay-very good advice.

This quote is from ESPN-the magazine and came out prior to the WC’s.

On the Perfect 100:

Gay:The big thing is NOT(my emphasis) changing anything when you get out there.You’ve got to practice the same thing over and over, so it’s basically muscle memory. For me, the perfect race is more a feeling, not necessarily the time-a race where I feel at ease, like I’m not trying.

This sounds exactly like what many of us have heard from CF before. Don’t try to do anything special just go out and perform the way you have trained. The day you try to do something special, something different, is when everything goes to hell.

That’s funny. I just past the point in the Peaking dvd where the sprinter says to Charlie that he feels like he can get even more out of his first 10 meters and CF immediately says don’t think about that… the moment you try to do something special is when everything goes to hell. yea, good advice.

Not that it’s all surprising considering that TG is at the top, currently, but he’s certainly been given some good advice. Also, he’s developed a real awareness of himself and tapping into great performances.

I dunno, I guess in practice you can think about stuff like arm drive, keeping your head down, full-extension, and the whole nine yards.
When you get into a meet though, I really believe, the only thing you should be thinking about is staying loose in the set position (making sure your hamstrings and quads aren’t tight) and then waiting for gun. And once you hear the gun reacting to it, regardless of whether your arm comes up straight or doesn’t come up at all. I agree with Charlie’s advice.