These are a few questions that I’ve been wondering about. I asked some of them in other threads, but they didn’t get answered:

Is core suppleness mostly developed by tempo, med ball, and sprinting as opposed to specific stretches?

When the mind listens to rhythm is this a forebrain activity? I was trying to sort of cue my hindbrain in speed workouts when I wanted to just run and not think technically by listening to the rhythm of my feet hitting? However, this may be as forebrain as counting foot contacts, I just don’t know.

Do any of you do deadlifts by starting with the weight at your waist, out of the powerlifting rack then lowering it slowly and exploding before it hits the ground? I haven’t tried this, but I thought it might work well. I usually do little 10-20 second breaks in mid-set before each rep in deadlifts, so usually I pull from the floor each time.

Does blood flow into the muscles reactivate “dead” muscle fibers?

Does a higher level of testosterone boost strength by itself or is it the gains in LBM and loss of fat that causes the strength gains?

They’re pretty much in order from most pressing to least. The last two are more curiosity questions. BTW, please don’t feel you have to respond to all at the same time if you post a reply. A few of these were in quackery and stupid questions so please don’t be too harsh:D

Thanks Clemson. I meant particularly non-massage (i.e. contrast showers, hot baths, tempo, pulsing EMS) methods. I should have specified, but you answered that question by saying “I think blood flow and massage responses were the answer.” Thanks again.

I’ll take a stab at Pete’s last question. I think increases in strength can occur when you train your body to produce more force and therefore lift heavier weights. An increase in LBM or fat loss by itself does not guarantee an increase in strength. Look at all the ripped people in any gym that are weak.

Thanks Earle. A decrease in fat won’t necessarily make you stronger, but if all else remains the same it should make you faster.

I meant does having an increased test level raise strength by itself, but I don’t really care that much because provided you are training correctly increases in LBM as well as decreased fat should help you.

One more question. I’m going to get some coconut oil after seeing Clemson’s recommendation on a thread on the old forum and seeing how cheap it was. For variation I was also thinking of buying another EFA source. I know many people here are big on Udo’s blend. Hemp oil which is sold at also sounded like a good choice, but I don’t really know. The hemp oil at proteinfactory is much cheaper so I would prefer that. Does anyone have any opinions on this?


I’m most interested in the core suppleness and rhythm questions. Please give input on any you want to though.