Questions on a few supps - when, how much?

I’m considering adding the following supplements to my diet:

L-Carnitine (maybe)

But I don’t know how much to take, which days (only training days or other days), or when during the day. I gather that BCAAs should be taken during/around workouts, but not sure exactly what to do with them. What is the purpose for taking Arginine, L-tyrosine and L-carnitine?

Edit - Arginine and L-tyrosine seem to enable long term high intensity sessions, which may be useful to me as I do 3hour plus sessions.

I’m searching this and other forums, and I’ll post anything I learn from my searches, but if anyone could help me that would be great. I know these have been covered before and I’m looking. Thanks.

I hope I don’t get a bit general here but here goes:

BCAA and GES (2-3%) solutions should be used during training sessions longer than 1.5 hours. This will not improve the first 45 minutes but will make the following time far more productive.

I prefer to use a tyrosine/ALCAR blend preworkout with some nootropic blends to prime what you have. Too many supplements try to get you on “High Throttle” like the Macho Man snapping into his slim jims! Randy can attest that using what you have will allow you to get the most of what you have and not go beyond what your body is telling you.

Glutamine is not and ideal product for most since many on this board don’t have AROD funds, so I find Glutamine a poor supplement to own since it’s only real purpose is immune support. If you are a distance athlete or pro, take it…if you are not and just getting ready for a night at the roxbury with your lifting then save it for some fish oil caps.

Thanks, saves me a lot of searching! :slight_smile: