questions after reading the archives

I’ve just spent a few hours reading the archives, in hopes of tweaking my supplementation/diet a bit. I’m left with a few lingering questions. For brief background, I’m a collegiate hurdler training for the 60mH indoors. PR 8.03, 14.21 outdoors.

On Vitalyze: Is it best to take a vitalyze or tyrosine/phenylalanine combo before speed days in training, or strictly before meets? Couldn’t find a real definitive answer here.

Charlie has mentioned 5g arginine pre-workout. How would this complement/interfere with aforementioned vitalyze supplementation?

Finally, N4D has sold me on G1 Push. I’ll order some today to start sipping during long workouts, but am wondering about the interplay here with vitalyze/arginine?

Thanks to all who have contributed insightful nutrition/supplementation ideas, there is a wealth of knowledge out there.