Whats poppin, I am kind of new to this protien scene. I have just found outthat I am potentially a celiac. A celiac is a person who does not have the micro vilus in a certain part of your entestine. along with that I can not digest gluten, it gives me major GI problems and as a result EXTREMLY hard to put on body mass. I already have a high metabolism so i could eat a horse and still only weigh a buck fifty. I was wondering of all the protiens out there what is a good one that I should be taking that wont have gluten and will help me gain weight. Thanks alot, any info will help this newb.


One of my family members also has celiacs disease. From what I understand and correct me if i’m wrong because this is just from personal experience and not research, celiacs can’t eat gluten which is a protein found in wheat.

Which should leave you with almost all the high protein foods left to eat. I think celiacs usually have a harder time with carbs and even if so there are plenty of books and recipes for people with celiacs as it is a somewhat common disease.

Also if I am gathering correctly from your post you would like to gain weight?

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Try to obviously not consume carbs that contain gluten (hard to do but it is possible) like the last memebr said tons of recipies and products available with out gulten in them.

As for protien products you need to find one the is gluten free. Weight gainers are going to be tough there are tons of “other” ingredients in them that make it hard for you to fidn one that will be gluten free.

For post workout use Surge from Biotest, only one that i know that uses hydrolized whey protien, basicaly no alergic reactions to the whey with this type of product. it will help with recovery and increasing body mass.

Hope this helps.

If you want to be sure fire then you can try either the Rice protein or the Hemp which has a great amino acid profile. Both are very expensive compared to whey though but still on par per gram with others.