PRotein Shake

Hey i used to have whey protein but now i have Nitro tech protein and it says that its better than whey protein on the box or something liek that…well it has more vitamins and all that then my whey had…it has glutamine and stuff but my whey didnt…which ones better?

Don’t fall for the muscle tech hype… Waste of money if you ask me. I guess since you bought the nitro-tech use it, but next time just go with a good whey protein powder if you ask me, no need to spend 60 dollars on whey protein that is “better” than regular whey. Just my opinion though.

what is good? Get specific!

My favorites are Low Carb Grow!- Tastes great, has micellar casein, and is pretty cheap when you buy it from t-nation… I usually buy 2 at a time. Great stuff. Also, I like ON’s 100% Whey Protein. Cheap and has a alot of servings so it’ll last a while.

I have always been a big fan of ON (Optimum Nutrition). From everything I have read, although I could be wrong still, their product contains a slightly higher protein concentration than most others. I know from experience that the chocolate and chocolate mint both taste good, easily the best tasting I’ve had.

Muscle Milk Muscle Milk Muscle Milk!

Whey = Syntrax

Quik, how could I have forgotten that one… Muscle Milk is great stuff…