Protein Consumption (references)

I am doing a literature review paper on protein consumtion in sport. If anyone has any references of review papers and journal articles id appreciate it if you can list them to help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Quick, do you only require protein literature? I may have some, I need to dig into my stash but I should have other stuff, thats why I ask.

hey vito,
thanks for the response. Yes, its a literature review paper. He said to use a literature review paper as an outline to use as our format and review numerous journal articles. My paper is on sometihng along the lines of protein requirements of speed power athletes compares to endurance athletes.

Do a Pub Med search for Lemon PW

His work is taken as the standard.

Thanx Tom,
I see he has got alot of stuff.

Anyone else?

Anyone have any literature that has done studies with our beliefs such as 1-2 grams per POUND of bodyweight? Many of us agree upon this yet i am having trouble actually locating any literature that deems it useful. I know John Berardi advocates this but where can i find actualy journal literature which does?