Progressive results of diet....

Hi guys,

I have been on my diet now for at least six weeks.

I have gone from 76mm for sum of eight skinfolds which is a predicted 12% bodyfat to 58mm which is 8%.

I want to get to 6% so I have a little way to go, but its going well.

On a side note I had my cholesterol levels checked today.

Prior the diet I had them checked in march and I got 1.1 for HDL and 4.5 for ldl.

Today my results were 1.4 for HDL and 3.2 for LDL so I guess that is a good improvement! I know there are other measurements of cholesterol but unfortunately I was told over the phone so I cant remember all of them.

My testeosterone level was also 30 on a scale of 10-33 so I guess that is alright, though I dont know if that was free, total or what???

Well I guess I am normal for the moment and things seem to be going ok.

well, a decrease in LDL and increase in HDL is bad I believe but you should aim to lose no more than 1lb a week or mumscle may be metabolised also

Help, that is not correct. HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) ie, the GOOD cholesterol is necessary as a facilitator in removal of clogged arteries (plaque) that will eventually lead to atherosclerosis, ie, LDL (low density lipoproteins), the BAD cholesterol.

If AussieBrad’s scenario was the opposite, then it would be bad, from a chronic (overtime) perspective.

Aussie Brad,

excuse me if this has been stated previously:

What sport are you invoved with, if any?
Has your diet had any impact on actual performance, good or bad?
Has your diet had any impact on your training/ recovery, good or bad?


I am a sprinter.

I run in a few weeks so I am not sure exactly how I am traveling but I am in a strength phase atm and all my figures have improved markedly so I am a happy camper right now.

Its hard to judge how I am recovering based on my diet changes as recovery is improved with more sleep and more massage/treatment, but as I said I am improving so I am happy.